Would you sleep in a cocoon?

 Is it just me or do you think tents seem to be getting stranger all the time?

There seems to be a desire to make them so different to any other to make them stand out from the crowd, regardless if they can be used by the masses.  

Seven tents you won’t see every day can be read here, but maybe its time to add this one to the list?

Weighs 60kg (empty), the Cocoon Tent is like a big bouncing ball.  

Once again, like the Tentsile tent, I wonder about what do you do if you take this tent camping and what if there are no trees that can hold its weight?   Or how do you even put it up?   

How do you get out of it?  Or in it?

Do you really want to bring a ladder with you on every camping trip?

Want more cocoon experiences? Because there are more than one – truly.   Read about another version of it here.
Want to live dangerously and sleep in this tent, Cocoon Tree has all the details about this bubble.

Would you be able to put this tent up when you go camping?