100 ideas, 100 posts

Who would have believed that 100 ideas could be generated for stories on camping and outdoors?

I didn’t, yet somehow we have managed to do so.  100 ideas formed 100 blog posts (though looking back at a few, some are a little dubious!!).

camping in australia blog

So what has been learned during the course of these 100 posts?

  • The blog was to be a sideline to our website www.gocampingaustralia.com which covers reviews and camping ground information but, now the blog is the one that creates the most work, and needs constant attention (the blog is sort of like a small child or husband!)

  • The most popular story then, and now, continues to be about going to the toilet in the bush,  “When Nature Calls”  Women needing to wee is obviously a concern for many.

  • S’Mores are delicious, and perplex many Australians

  • Outdoor bloggers in Australia, who focus on camping and outdoors (not the travel aspect) are far and few between and I wish there was more of a community in blogging land. 

  • Some stories appear to be ‘evergreen’ content  (example:   camping with your iPhone)  which is apparently a good thing.  I did not ever contemplate that when I wrote them.   In fact, I only just found out about evergreen content.

  • Other posts which I thought would do fantastically well, did not.

  • Comments on my blog make me happy.  

  • Whilst I have learned so much in these 100 posts, I know its just the tip of the iceberg.  I still don’t really understand SEO, my stats and how to fix problems on my blog!

  • Camping and outdoors doesn’t have to be all boring about tents, stoves and making knots in ropes.      And that is what I hope to show in my blog;  the lighter side of camping.

So that's the story thus far....