Online shopping at Christmas failure

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Did everything you order online for Christmas turn up on time? 


Online shopping is brilliant and time saving, but a little stressful.   Will the item actually arrive in time?

In the past I have had a couple of rants about online shopping for camping gear.    You can read them here and here.
So my question today is what incentive is there to buy locally (online) instead of from overseas, when the local outdoors retailer, takes 12 days before it even posts the item?    
The overseas retailer in the meantime has packaged the purchase, shipped it, gone through customs and the item is delivered.

I had my doubts about using an outdoors company in Australia for this item.    But it was in stock and I could support a local business, so how hard could it be to send to another state?        

Suffice to say, it must have been hard.     

Christmas rush?  Don’t buy that for a second.   I ordered it before the real rush began.  

Was the item even in stock like the website said or just standard practice to say you have got it, and then the business orders it from the manufacturer when they have a guaranteed sale?    I know the item did not come from Queensland where the company is based.

Retailers who want to compete with overseas stores will have to lift their service levels, otherwise business like mine, will go elsewhere.

Leave  a comment on any online shopping experiences you have had.