Top 10 most useless pieces of camping gear

This year we have shown you some equipment and gadgets that range from “yes, this is very cool” to “what a piece of crap”.   

Maybe you saw some of them and thought the same as we did?

For those of you late to join us (where have you been??), peruse what you have missed, as we take a trip back down memory lane, at the gadgets and useless camping equipment that you might want to avoid.

Plus, as an added bonus, we have also put in some camping gear that was so useless, it didn’t even make our blog!

1.    Marshmallow Roaster

We brought you this in October, and consensus was “what a waste of money”.    

2.    Canoe outfit

September showed you the ways to wear your camping equipment (rather than have to find room in your car).  This was a dress that turned into a canoe.     Very flattering.

useless camping gear canoe dress

3.  Zippered sleeping bag

Is one zip enough for your sleeping bag?   I thought so too.  Obviously I was wrong, because this one has around 5!  That’s 5 zips to get your liner/clothes caught in.


4.    Camping Stove

Lots of great stoves out there for camping and hiking.   This is not one I would like to have to cart around a campsite.    In fact, this shouldn’t even be classified as a camping stove.           

coleman stove

5.    Hiking Heels

I like heels as much as the next woman (or man), but even these pushed the boundaries of practicality.

high heels for camping

6.   Camping Ice Cream Maker

Who makes ice cream when camping?     Who?  

ice cream maker for camping

7.    Wearable blanket

Every girl wants to wear a picnic blanket and have everyone put their food and drinks on it don’t they?

camping dress

8.    Electric marshmallow toasters

4 AA batteries to turn your marshmallow around on a fork.    If you can’t turn your stick or fork over a campfire by yourself, maybe you shouldn’t be near an open flame…..

electric-marshmallow useless camping gear

9.    Flamingo Tent Pegs

Not much I can say about this, but the person who takes these camping is the sort of person I don’t want to camp with.

pink flamingo tent peg
10.     Cadaver Sleeping Bag

This just creeps me out.   It’s so wrong on so many levels.

useless camping gear

That was 2012 as we saw it with camping gear.....If you want to see camping gear that we DO generally like, then head to for gear we own and use.

What did you think about some of these pieces of camping gear?  We would love you to share your thoughts and comments below (or share with your friends and enemies).