UFO Camping Light is Gadget of the Week

It’s been a while since you may  have seen a gadget of the week……Nothing much has grabbed our attention enough to show you.

But this is a cute one!   

It’s the UFO camping light (by Industrial Design Served, where all these images came from). 

Not to be confused with all the other camping lights also known as UFO lights!     This one is way more stylish.

UFO light

The netting of the light has fluorescent pigments inserted into it.    Via a LED system which charges these pigments, the UFO pops open (see picture below which shows it prior to charging) once the fluorescent is ready to shed light.

UFO camping light closed

UFO light blue

Once it’s open, just hang in your tent or anywhere else you might need light (see picture below of this happy camper and their light!)


How bright it is, weight and all that important “stuff” we need to know, remains a mystery as it’s only a design product at this stage, but what do you think?   Hit or Miss?