To buy or not to buy this camping equipment?

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“My husband is really keen for us to try camping.  I am not so sure because of the toilets (or lack of them).     I can live without a bathroom, but no way am I going without a toilet.     I want to buy a portable toilet but he says its an expense that we don’t need.     Would you recommend?”         

This is a BIG issue for loads of people (full disclosure:  this was very much like me, and I remain a little like that) .

Where to go to the toilet seems to be a big concern for some (and mainly women:   we like those creature comforts).

But camping is meant to be an enjoyable experience, and the fear of not being able to use a toilet in comfort and privacy, can be a real, and legitimate concern for some.   

Buying a portable toilet is an expense – around $100-300 and its not something you can sell on Ebay readily if the novelty wears off after one or two uses (Well, I can’t imagine buying a second hand porta pottie, though I am sure you can).

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If you are new to camping, I would not rush out to buy one.       

Try to use campsites that have toilets (flush would be ideal), or clean drop toilets as a second option.      See how you enjoy the whole experience of tents, campfires, sleeping bags etc in the first instance.

If you do like the freedom and experience, and want to get away from crowds or less established campsites then a Porta Pottie may be an investment to help you feel comfortable when camping.      

But it’s not a must have purchase in the initial stages of your camping adventures, but it definitely can make a camping holiday less stress free!   
We reviewed our Thetford Porta Pottie here and this may help you a little in your decision!

Good luck if you do decide to venture into the great outdoors – with or without a toilet!

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