Easter S’Mores: an Australian version of S'Mores

S’Mores, the great American tradition are about to get an Easter twist, Aussie style.

Mind you, we haven’t had the greatest success in the past making the traditional sort (that story can be found here)  but that isn’t stopping us attempting to recreate a S’More for around the campfire this Easter.

The verdict?    Read on……

Ingredients for Easter S’Mores

Easter Smores

Marshmallow shaped like Easter eggs  (there are also marshmallow bunnies or chickens in the shops, it just depend on what you want to melt)

Easter S'More
Flake or Twirl, or any chocolate that you think will melt reasonably fast, and can be squashed a little flat

Easter SMore

Arnotts Marie Biscuits  (and if you have access to Graham Crackers, then of course, use them!!).  But we didn’t and these seem to be about the right size plus were available readily!

How to:


Now comes the assembly line.    Get your biscuit ready, with the chocolate already on it, ready to go.  When the marshmallow is ready, time is of the essence.

Easter SMore

Roast the marshmallow  (we chose the one on the left to be first victim to a fire)

Ingredients for Easter S'Mores

and these particular marshmallows melted so fast, it was a bit freaky. 

Place on the biscuit.

Melted Smore

Place another biscuit on top and squish down.   The chocolate may melt, but ours stayed firm.

SMores Easter style

Eat and enjoy.

The verdict by younger members of family:     “Yum”  and “Messy”  .

Adults opinion:   “God, that’s sweet”.

And then we tried it all in the microwave, to reduce mess…….


Ingredients for Easter S'Mores


Ingredients for Easter S'Mores
Easter Smores

Sugar overload!    

Definitely only for those who like their sugar, not worried about calories, and mess.

(or check out this S'More variation - Nutella and Banana S'Mores)

Editors note:  This story was first published back in 2013, and has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.