5 warning signs that you are next to the camper from hell

When you choose your campsite, do you ever check out who your neighbours will be?     Do you secretly study them before you set up to see if they look like they will be

After a recent camping experience, we might need to be more choosy on where we set up!

photo credit: Jan Tik via photopin cc

Here are 5 warning signs that indicated we chose badly that trip……

1.    The camper was sitting in his car for a very long time by himself.         Not that there is anything wrong in sitting in your car, but when you go camping on a sunny day, its just not the most common way to spend your time.    What was he doing?  I don’t want to think too much about that.

2.    He advised that he was a citizen of Australia, so did not need to pay to come into this National Park, and we shouldn’t have either.   This tirade went on for a few minutes.    

3.     He told us that he had placed cameras around the campsite and was watching everything.

4.     He got into a fight with the Park Rangers over Point 2.

5.     Told us and the Rangers that he had a gun.

Before you write to us and say "what's wrong with sitting in your car for a long time, and that doesn't mean you have a bad camping neighbour", I need to add - there is NOTHING wrong with that!  

But when all 5 signs mentioned above,  occur together in a very close period of time upon our arrival at the campsite, our alarm bells weren't just tinkling.   They were clanging loudly.       Maybe, this person wasn't the ideal neighbour to be camping (with young children) next to, in a remote setting??      

So, what happened next?

We didn't have to resort to leaving the site, as the police were called, but our neighbour wasn't waiting around for them, and moved out of the area quite rapidly.       When he tore off, we all breathed a little easier, and it certainly made for good conversation around the campfire that night!  

But maybe, if we have that many warning signs again as we set up, it might be time to re-think that location!

Have you ever camped next to someone difficult or not exactly an ideal neighbour?   Please share below!