Share your photo with Australia

Recently on our Facebook page we asked our readers to share some of their camping spots at Easter.    We have had some wonderful photos sent in.

So I got thinking, “why just do it at Easter”?     

Maybe, like us, there are lots of you out there who have taken a great shot of your camping site or captured a true camping moment, and would like to share with others?    If we get any interest, then we could make it Fan Photo of the Week or similiar – all posted here, on one of the few camping blogs for Australians!    

So what do you need to do?

If that sounds like something you want to participate in, then all you need to do is send in your photo to us with a short description (or a long one) about the photo(s). 
And don’t worry about your privacy – no email addresses will be published on the site.     

So what are you waiting for?   Start looking through your photos now!

Where to send the photos?


 share your photo with us

And just to get you started, here is one camping spot worth visiting…….

Lower Glenelg National Park
 Lower Glenelg NP
Hutchenssons campsite (and the view from it) in the Lower Glenelg National Park, Victoria.

We hope to see your photos soon.