Like camping food that uses a stick? Easy recipes to try.

camping recipes over a campfire with a skewer

Everyone knows about putting a marshmallow on a stick, and cooking it over the fire. If you have camped, you probably have done it at least once!

But do you put anything else on a stick and heat it up?    

Yes, we have some easy camping recipes.

cooking with a stick over a campfire

Here are 8 other foods to cook over the campfire.

What you need:

  • You will need the food, and a good stick (free of loose bark, and nice and clean).

But for longer cooking times, a metal skewer (a long one, ideally with some sort of handle at the end to stop it burning in your hands) might be the implement to add to your cooking utensil box.

1.    Damper

This is a very popular item to put on a stick – easy and delicious.

  • 1 cup SR Flour
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbs butter
  • 1/2 cup milk  (you can extra if needed, slowly)
  • 1 pinch salt


  • Rub the butter through the flour until its all crumble.   Mix in the salt, sugar and the milk (slowly), until it forms a dough.
  • To make for around 4 people, double all the ingredients. 

Now you have the dough....(not too wet, or it's going to slide right off) and roll it into long snake-like shape.    

Roll around a clean stick, and when it's on securely, SLOWLY rotate it over the fire, so the dough is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

It can be a bit trial & error getting the dough cooked just to your liking.

Tap the dough, and if it sounds hollow, it should be cooked.

When done, pull off the stick (well cooked, it comes off a lot more easily), and pour jam or maple syrup or whatever you like into the hole where the stick was, and enjoy!

Hint:  Kids love Nutella on their damper on a stick!

cooking with a stick over a campfire

2.    Hot Dogs

cooking with a stick over a campfireAn easy way to heat up your hot dog sausage and get that smoky taste too!   Put the stick through the sausage and heat carefully (don’t put it right into the middle of the flame).

Then slide off onto your bun, with all the condiments ready to go!

If you want to jazz up the humble hot dog, make 4 slices at the end of the sausage, to about 1/3rd of the way down.

 Do this at BOTH ends of sausage.  The middle of the sausage is unsliced.

When it cooks, the ends, curl up, supposedly looking like a spider!



3.   Roasted Bananas

cooking with a stick over a campfire

Put a banana on a metal skewer (a stick may work, but a skewer is going to be cleaner removing it from a mushy banana), then heat it over an open flame.

When it's nicely warmed and starting to go a bit soft, you can roll it in choc flakes (Cadbury Flakes all smashed up works), or nuts or any topping you think goes well with a warmed banana.

4.   More fruit -   apples, pineapples or peaches.

cooking with a stick over a campfire

One way to get fruit into the kids is roasting your fruit near the flame.   Other than bananas, fruit that goes well on a skewer includes apples, pineapple and firm peaches.   I love strawberries done like this, but they can fall off quite easily!

If you have the ability, brush the fruit with some melted butter and a dash of orange juice or honey, which contributes to the flavour.

Those who are mega-prepared with camping supplies can dip the warmed fruit in cream (sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon!!!)

5.   Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

This isn’t one that I would normally associate with cooking on a stick but comes from the Food Network.

On bread, spread mayonnaise, ham, cheese (of choice, but swiss would work well) and pickles.   Top with another slice of bread, and cut the sandwich into quarters.

Toast each quarter on a stick/skewer until the cheese melts.

cooking with a stick over a campfire

6.   Prosciutto &  Mozzarella Balls

Another one courtesy of the Food Network!

And one to impress.  Would be very tasty for those who are wanting to have something to munch on with your drink before dinner!

Wrap prosciutto around mini mozzarella balls. Thread a cherry tomato, a prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella ball, and another tomato onto each skewer; toast over a flame until the tomatoes blister.

cooking with a stick over a campfire

7.    Egg in an Orange


egg in an orange

This one got a lot of “likes” on our Facebook Page!    The following information comes from Egg Farmers of Alberta.
Cut a large orange in half and scrape out the fruit from both pieces. With a sharp knife, cut a small “x” on one orange half about 1 cm below the rim. Cut another “x” just below the opposite rim. Thread a long pointed stick through the cuts so that the orange half hangs like a basket. While someone holds the half peel steady, crack a small egg into it. Grasp the end of the stick and hold the orange shell over the campfire (low flames or embers) for about 10 minutes. Let cool for a few minutes and remove the orange from the stick. Add salt and pepper… and enjoy your egg!


8.  Kebabs

cooking with a stick over a campfire

Whatever you call it,  shish kabobs or kebabs, these are good on the campfire too.     Generally, it is a meat/fish and a vegetable alternated on a skewer.

The choice of what you put on it is up to you and your pantry!!  The options are limitless.

But a couple of things to ensure you get it right are:

- don’t make the protein so chunky that it takes a lot longer to cook than the vegetable, and vice-versa.  You want the kebab contents to all cooks roughly at the same time.

- if you brush a sauce or marinade over them, sometimes it will make them look burnt, and may mislead you into thinking the meat is cooked.  If it's chicken, you don’t want raw meat!

- If the food looks like it could fall right off into the fire, 2 skewers could be used to stabilise the food

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