Photo of the Week shared by Our Naked Australia

Have you ever wanted to throw in your day job and travel around Australia?

Well, I have, but its not going to happen with 2 kids still at school.   But I can live vicariously through 2 people who have done just this.

Our Naked Australia  is the blog of Juz and Dave, and their experiences in this amazing country.    You can read about the places and attractions they visit, plus their camping locations, all accompanied by some great photos.

In fact, one of their photos went viral on the web.   Did you see the picture of a  camel "eating" a girl’s face?   It’s impressive.   But if you missed it,  see it here on their Bunbury blog post.    This is one classic photo!

And today, Our Naked Australia, are sharing a few photos (minus camels) from their epic journey!

Photo of the Week

Moore River (WA).

Photo of the Week

WA Goldfields (note:  neither of these bearded people are Juz….I don’t think so anyway!).

Photo of the Week

Valley of the Giants  (Walpole-Nornalup National Park,WA)    The above is not a giant!!  The “giant” in the Valley refers to the red tingle trees and karri trees.   

We thank Our Naked Australia for sharing their photos with us.  And don't forget to check out their travels and stories at their website.

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