Camp Oven cooking gone mad

When you think of a camp oven, what comes to mind?

Something like this picture below?

There  might be a lot of variations on it, but you get the idea.  It’s rustic, simple and produces great food!    

camp oven cooking

Or maybe you think of this when you think camp oven?

not a camp oven

I don’t think camping when I see this. 

Priced at US$300 and weighing in around 17kg, I know my husband would have a fit if I tried to get that in the car.

Some reviewers on Amazon said how delighted they were to be able to make cinnamon rolls, and brownies, and casseroles in it!     I too, am delighted to make all those things, in my oven, at home, where it belongs.    Just because you don’t have a typical oven, doesn’t mean that you can’t cook a pie or casserole or cake – all can be done in a camp oven like the top picture!

I love a good gadget, but sometimes less is more.

Maybe this last oven belongs in our Top 10 Most Useless Pieces of Camping Gear?    Is it worthy of a place?!!

If you want to know more about real camp ovens, the following sites are all good places to start:

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So which camp oven do you prefer?