Will these camping gadgets make your day?

Can you really have enough gadgets in your life? 

Apparently not.  

Because they keep coming out on the market (or being thought of) by people way more clever than me!

Our blog is full of gadget stories – some really useless gadgets are found here, and then you can find heaps more here.

But here are 4 that you might not have seen at your local camping store in 2013.    Maybe in the future......Time will tell.



This is Earl – a tablet that is meant to be a little different to your iPad or Smartphone.   Its not ready for sale yet, but when it is, it seems to do everything you need in the outdoors, including being water, dust, shock and mud proof!   Its a backcountry survival computer.

It can really do everything.  So much in fact, you might want to  find out more about Earl and how you can get one here http://www.meetearl.com/

earl-tablet gadget for outdorors

iStick Playtime


istick camping gadget


Do you ever have your phone in your backpack, and you can hear it ringing, but can’t get to it in time?

That happens to me a bit.   Actually, a lot.  And obviously I am not the only one, because there is an invention due out later this year, called the iStick Playtime.

This is what the makers of this gadget say
The iStick Playtime instantly answers your calls, controls your music, messages, and sports stats without ever having to reach for your phone or slowing down to activate a function.  You can also activate Siri/Android voice command to undertake a number of audio-tasks or start your Dew Motion App, by simply stating: “Start my run”,

You wear it on your wrist, and control it all with a joystick!

Very cool.

To find out more about this device. head to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/istick-playtime-from-dew-motion

Foldaway camping trailer


foldaway trailer

Not everyone can have a camping trailer or a caravan, and therefore have to become experts at packing their cars for a camping trip!

How nice would it be to have some extra room when you need it?    That’s the idea behind Towbag, the foldaway trailer.

The concept is that when you don't need the trailer, you pack it all away!

See how it all works here!

Toasty Tush


If you read this blog, you will know that I feel the cold big time.    So, here is something that might keep me a bit warmer when sitting down around the camp.

Toasty Tush is a cover made of Polyethylene aluminium insulation that is used to radiate your own body heat back towards you.  No batteries or charging required.   It unrolls and then fits over your chair, with straps to keep in place.  

toasty tuch outdoors gadget

Full details on where you can get this can be found here:  http://www.toastytush.ca/

What will the rest of 2013 bring?    Will it make being in the outdoors simpler, or just complicate an experience that doesn't need all these clever contraptions?

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