My girlfriend hates camping

no camping sign

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Can you give your camping advice to this reader?

“My girlfriend hates camping.   We went once, and it rained and was cold, so that put her off.   I was raised with camping holidays, so I know it can be fun, plus a cheap way to get away.    Any ideas on how to make it more appealing?”

What would you recommend?    

How do you entice someone who has never been camping, to give it a chance?  

A few things that come to my mind are:

(1)   Only go in good weather.  Raining and cold conditions are not ideal for beginners, and can be worse if you don’t have the right gear.

More info on  camping in the rain is here  and tips to keep warm when camping is here

(2)  Some good bathroom facilities may definitely make camping more palatable.  Squatting behind a bush isn’t always fun experience, even for seasoned campers!

(3) Choose a good campsite.     A caravan park where you are squashed in with others, is not ideal.    A national park, which has beauty and some solitude (plus a toilet) is far more appealing, and you do get a greater appreciation of what camping is all about.

What else would YOU suggest?

Share your below and help this reader (and possibly a lot of others!!)