What is camping? A photo story.

What is camping all about?

These photos tell the story.   But pay close attention to the campers.   Not your average group.   

Its about relaxing

edison camping trip

Picture above:   Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company), Thomas Edison (the most prolific inventor of his time, including the light bulb, motion camera and so much more) President Warren Harding (29th President of USA)  and Harvey Firestone (founder of Firestone Tyres) on a Vagabonds Camping Trip, 1921

Eating outdoors


edison camping trip

Harvey Firestone Jr., John Burroughs (naturalist and essayist on nature) Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison (1916)

Outdoor living


edison camping trip


Gazing on nature from your campsite


edison camping trip

Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and Henry Ford at Camp Wolf Creek Narrows, West Virginia, 1918

Sleeping in a tent


edison camping trip

Henry Ford outside a tent, 1923

Just sitting quietly, taking in the serenity


edison camping trip

Thomas Edison Relaxing on a "Vagabonds" Camping Trip, 1921

Getting back to basics


edison camping trip

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone, part of the self-proclaimed Vagabonds, are shown shaving and washing up during their 1921 camping trip.

Collecting firewood


edison camping trip

John Burroughs and Henry Ford with a cross-cut saw, about 1914

Bonding with old and new friends


edison camping trip

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, 1923

Slowing down


edison camping trip

Clara Ford, 1923

Camping gear may have gotten more sophisticated over the years, but the reasons to camp, remain the same.

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All photos were reproduced from www.flickr.com/photos/thehenryford