Camping clothes that you need to be brave to wear.

Who knew that camping could be so glamorous?

Here are 5 camping outfits you won’t see at a campsite near you any time soon (or I don’t think so).

1)   Sleeping bag goes chic

Below, if you get tired of sleeping in your sleeping bag, you can whip up this little ensemble for a night out.

wearable sleeping bag
Photo:  Wiglius de Bie  for AvantGarde

Or maybe this?Sleeping bag dress
Photo: Wiglius de Bie for AvantGarde

2)   Is it a  a coat? A jacket? Or a full sleeping bag?

Its all three…its the Doppelganger Outdoor Wearable Sleeping Bag

wearable sleeping bag

3)    A backpack that turns into a wearable sleeping bag

OK, this is not technically an outfit, but you wear it, so cut me some slack on this one!

Its a backpack with a built in pillow and sleepcover.   So if you are feeling a bit tired on your trip, you can have immediate and private resting place.

Before you feel tired:

polo bag

And then when you get tired….

Photos:  Yanko Design

(4)   Glamping it up

Back in 2010 designers DSquared did a whole collection around camping chic.

I look like this around the campfire!.

dsquared camping chic
Photo:  Getty

glamping it up
Photo:  Getty

(5)    Dreamwalker

Is wearing this going to give you dreams or nightmares?

Very similar to Selk Bag (read about that wearable bag here)

Photo: Exped

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