How to go camping with babies and toddlers

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No matter what your child’s age, you can go camping.   Apparently.    

We didn’t start to our kids were more independent, and not needing nappy changes or day sleeps – I just couldn’t face that prospect in a tent.  

But, there are a lot of braver people than I, so today, you will find a collection of posts to help you, should you be thinking about venturing into the camping scene, and not to sure exactly how to go about it!

Camping with babies

How to take a baby camping

This covers all aspects of what you need to think about – including those nappy changes.

Travelling with babies 0-12 months

Checklist included, this is a comprehensive guide to the issues you will need to consider when packing and planning for your trip.

Camping with Babies

Some good tips here including doing a test run close to home, and making sure you don’t go to a packed campground on a busy weekend!

Tips for camping with an infant

Common sense guide to camping with a little baby, from a website that specialises in kids outdoors!

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Camping with toddlers

10 practical tips on camping with toddlers

Practical tips regarding camping with a busy on-the-move child

Advice from readers on camping and toddlers

More tips on camping with toddlers

10 tips with cool pics that remind you of all the things you need to make camping with toddlers a safe and enjoyable time.

Camping checklist for babies/toddlers

This has a printable checklist that you might find handy to have should you want to go camping with small people!

Sleeping with toddlers when camping
Getting the toddlers (and all children) to sleep is of utmost importance for a parent.  Here are some tips.

Camping when pregnant


And even if baby hasn’t popped out yet, here are some stories for those of you who may want to go camping when pregnant.

Camping during pregnancy

Some special preparations to keep in mind

Camping when pregnant – staying comfortable

Good practical advice from someone who really knows her outside!

And when the kids are a little older, you can read through our Top 10 tips for camping with children.

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