National Park camping – give it a go!

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If you looking for a more traditional camping location than say, a caravan park, then National Parks are the way to go.

They are our preferred way to go camping.   You can see from the reviews at our website, how they tend to feature more heavily.     You often get some basic facilities, but they remain relatively untouched, and most importantly – generator free!!!!

We are very spoiled here in Australia for choice with our National Parks, and for us, the list of ones we want to visit and check out is looooooong!     When we lived in Sydney, it seems we didn’t get out nearly as much as we should have.   Now, looking back, we realise how many places we didn’t get to see, and how we wish we had got out of the CBD more often, and into the countryside.

One such area is that of the Western Riverina district of southern NSW where I wish we had visited.

There are 3 National Parks in this region, comprising of over 100,000 hectares of river red gum forests, and unlike many South Australian National Parks, its free!!!

We have spent many camping trips by the river here in SA, and it really is the best way to experience camping (because it has to be one of  the most relaxed and private way to camp).    Camping by a river allows you to fish, go yabbying, kayaking, swimming and with amazing (and frequently very noisy) birds.

In NSW, you have the Murray Valley National Park, which has 6 campgrounds – the range of facilities vary, and depending on what you are looking for, we always recommend doing homework on your potential campsite!

Here’s the link to help you out and give you some further info on what the campsites offer:

Gen Y Camping Car Boomanoomana Yanga NP_D.FinneganOEH

There are 2 other parks also worth investigating – the Yanga (which also is known as the Murrumbidgee Valley National Park as 170km of Murrumbidgee frontage runs through it) and the Murrumbidgee Valley National Park (only created in 2010 to protect 107,000ha of river red gum forests), all relatively close to the towns of  Deniliquin, Balranald, Moama, Narrandera, Leeton or Hay.  

These Parks do  have campgrounds, but you do have the option of setting up in your own secluded spot, and truly getting away from it all.

Check out these sites for the in depth information to help you choose where and when to go:

Camping Gen Y

National Parks have a lot to offer everyone, but camping in them takes it to a new level!

Still not convinced?   Maybe these points will help you......   
  • Natural beauty is right outside your tent
  • You are not packed in like sardines
  • Campfires are allowed (at certain times, check restrictions closely)
  • Space to move and explore
  • More choice with your campsite – choose one that suits your camping style
  • Privacy and tranquillity
  • If you are fully self sufficient, it gives you a lot more options where to camp within the Parks.     We recommend, that a chemical toilet is always a good idea if you are near water sources.       If you don’t have one, and need to go, remember go to toilet at least 200 feet/60 metres from nearest water source!
  • Cheap (depending on where you camp, such as above, it could be free)
If you have been to any of the Parks listed above, we would love to hear your thoughts below.
And if you want any more information on camping, tips and reviews, don’t forget to go to our main website for lots more facts and helpful thoughts.   
Note:  Photos and general information of this area of NSW was provided by NSW National Parks & Wildlife.  We were not paid for this post – we just want to encourage people to use our National Parks, responsibly.