Capture the colours: Australian style

Five photos only.

That’s the competition.     Choosing 5 travel photos featuring the colours of red, blue, green, white and yellow.

Sounds easy right?
Not really. 

We take a lot of photos, but are they worthy of going in a competition run by Travel Supermarket.    For me and my photography skills, I think the answer is “no”.    But Red from Amazing Australian Adventures nominated me to enter, after she was nominated by Linda of Journey Jottings and so on……a lot of bloggers encouraging others to enter.

So, now it was time to hunt through the archives to find semi-passable amateur shots of colours from our travels.

Capture the Colour – Red

The easiest colour of all in our collection. 

We had just returned from the Northern Territory, also known as the Red Centre, and the beauty of that area abounds, with vistas of red sand and rock everywhere. 

To find just one photo was tricky (I could devote many a blog post to the colours of red)  but ultimately, how can anyone go past the majestic beauty of Uluru?

Its not your typical shot of Uluru (I have dozens of those), but just the rock,  close up.

Uluru close up

Capture the colours – Blue

A lone little blue tent under a gum tree. 
After all, we are a camping blog, and this tent was captured by the great river of Australia, the Murray.

Camping tent

Capture the Colours – Yellow

The wildflowers of the Northern Territory in 2013 were the best for 10 years apparently.  We were lucky enough to see them blooming all over the countryside, and we called this flower a paper daisy.     But I think (correct me if I am wrong), it goes by the fancier name of Xerochrysum bracteatum or strawflower.

Regardless of the name, or my lack of botanical knowledge, its very pretty.


Capture the Colours – Green

Is this the hardest colour to find?  Yes, especially if I am looking through my NT experiences.     Red, red, red is all I find.

But then, I remember the adorable native budgies from NT.    How can you not love a budgie?


Capture the Colours – White

Just when I thought green was hard to find…..then comes along the colour white. 

I wasn’t going to find that colour in the NT, but instead looked closer to home.    Adelaide Botanical Gardens.   

Sometimes you don’t have to travel to far off lands to find beauty.  It’s in your own backyard.

Adelaide flowers

Maybe next year, I will capture a whole new set of Australian colours (but hope that red is included!).