Marshmallows and Baileys: a camping treat

Looking for another way to enjoy roasted marshmallows around the campfire?  

Here is a variation for the adults in your camping group, in 4 easy steps.

1)  Have your campfire ready!


2)  Grab a bottle of Baileys

As it comes in a variety of flavours, the original is probably the best.   But we have used Baileys with a hint of coffee, and that is still good.

Camping with roasted marshmallows & Baileys

3)   Roast marshmallows

Lightly brown or toast thoroughly – whatever is your preference.

roasting marshmallows

4)    Dunk the marshmallow in the Baileys

Carefully, dunk the marshmallow into your glass of Baileys and then eat the Baileys-coated marshmallow.  

 For these photos, my marshmallow ended up in the glass, and was a little messy……(no photo of that debacle), but as you can see I am one less marshmallow on the stick.

marshmallow roasted