Even Victoria Beckham wears Halloween costumes

Last year we did a story about Halloween costumes for those who love camping.   If you missed seeing people dressed up as tents, S’Mores or trees, do take a moment to see it and be inspired.

And what do we find this year, in terms of costumes with an outdoors theme? 

More tents, S’Mores and trees.     Outdoorsy themed costumes seem to have some limitations.

Camping Family


This mother is obviously incredibly clever and crafty.   I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin on such a project as this.  You can see more of these works of art at the above website.

Another marshmallow on the fire!


Campfire Costume with Marshmallow Roasting

If you want to know how to do this, this site will tell you all: 



Celebrate the beauty of being outdoors….dress up as a tree.




S’Mores – again


Then we have more S’Mores (I know we had them in 2012, but they are a fave, so back again now)


And more S’Mores


Tent Costume


And here is Victoria Beckham getting into the spirit of Halloween, wearing a tent.

And if you want more Halloween stories can be found here, on our page Halloween and Camping

Does anyone in your family dress up for Halloween?