Marshmallows: 13 ways to use them that you never knew about

Marshmallows and camping go together so well.    Maybe that’s why I talk about them so much.

Our tag line for our blog also includes them (see above!).

But rather than give you another yummy way to enjoy them (eg. with Baileys – and if you haven’t tried that, then you really need too. Stat.), we are going to share 13 things you didn’t know about marshmallows.

(and this is a S’Mores-free zone, so don’t go looking for 100 variations of them here)

Marshmallows facs
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You can shoot them

One way to use marshmallows



Have a festival about them

Marshmallow capital of the world is in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana. They hold a festival dedicated to marshmallows every year.  That's dedication.

Dress your baby as one


stay_puft_marshmallow baby
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Die eating too many


One Direction and Marshmallows

Chubby Bunny is a game where you put a marshmallow in your mouth and say “Chubby Bunny”.   You succeed, add another marshmallow, and say again, and repeat until you can’t speak with your mouth full, and get eliminated.

Two people have died due to suffocation playing this game, in 1999, and 2006.

(Note:  To all One Direction Fans :  I am not implying I want them to die by using their photo at this point of the blog post, so don't go all crazy on me).

Help a sore throat


I have a few doubts about this…but anyway, children might definitely say it’s worth a shot!       Apparently, they can be used as a sore throat cure.

The sap from the marshmallow plant has been used for hundreds of years—usually in tea form—to treat coughs, colds, and sore throats.   Anecdotal reports, suggest that the gelatin on the marshmallow coats and soothes a throat.

Be consumed – a lot


Dinosaur eating marshmallows
photo credit: ShellyS via photopin cc

Americans are estimated to eat 90 million pounds of marshmallows a year, with over 50% consumed around campfires!

In kilograms, that would be   40,823,310kg.     Wow.

(I couldn’t find figures for Australian consumption).

Marshmallow over eating cat
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Decorate everything using them

So many ways to use them…..I could have shown marshmallows adorning everything.  But I chose cupcakes.

Marshmallow decorated cakes of sheep

Star in a blockbuster movie


Marshmallow man Ghostbusters

The marshmallow man was one of the main characters in the movie Ghostbusters.

The suits cost $20,000 each, and they went through 3 of them.     And remember when the marshmallow man blew up? It wasn’t marshmallow going everywhere but shaving cream.

And here is he as squashed as a S’More   (I know I said it was a S’More free zone.   I lied!)

Smore biscuit with marshmallow man

Be useful in the kitchen


Handy tip about marshmallows


Be alcoholic

Alcholic marshmallow drink vodka

Fluffed Marshmallow flavoured vodka   (and see this drink S’Moretinis)

Deep Fried Delight

This recipe and idea comes from

A gooey, and fattening way to use the large size marshmallows!

deep fried marshmallows

Be consumed in vast quantities

The most marshmallows eaten in 1 minute is 25, achieved by Anthony Falzon (Malta) in Sliema, Malta, on 25 March 2013.

And if YOU think you can beat that, you go to the official Guinness Book of Records challenger site, and upload yourself gorging, and that record could be YOURS!   Go for it.

Key to life success and happiness


Marshmallows key to life success

The Marshmallow Experiment was a famous 1960’s psychology experiment about gratification and delayed gratification using marshmallows.

The children who ate the first marshmallow immediately, rather than wait for the researcher to return with  the second, have gone on in adulthood not to have the success and happiness of the children (now adults) who did wait for the 2nd marshmallow.

Read more about this fascinating experiment here, but is the key to life’s success, waiting for 2 marshmallows?   

The power of the marshmallow.

Next time you toast a humble marshmallow over the campfire, maybe you can remember one of these facts, and impress your fellow campers with your knowledge of the fact-filled, multi-tasking, awe-inspiring marshmallow.

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