Book Review: The New Trailside Cookbook

Review of The New Trailside Cookbook

The New Trailside Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for the Camp Chef

I have read a lot of books about camping food and they really do vary in practicality and recipes.      I don’t want a book that has hundreds of ingredients in each recipe that I need to take camping.  

But I do enjoy delicious food when camping, and that frequently means you have to prepare some meals prior to departure and be organised.  

Hint:   If you are new to camping

I really recommend doing some meals in advance, to make less work at the campsite.     As you get more familiar with camp cooking, this may not be as necessary but still helpful.

The facts about the book

  • Many of the recipes in “The New Trailside Cookbook”  I found we were already cooking, so that means none of them are too out-there or complicated.       I don’t “do” fussy meals or labour intensive cooking when camping, and so this book caters to my desire to spend more time relaxing than cooking.

  • Each recipe has a guide to what you do before you go camping in terms of  prep work.   And then what you have to do at the campsite.     For those of you who like to be organised, this feature of the recipes will appeal!. 

  • With suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinners, plus drinks and more fancy options for dinner, shopping/packing and snacks, I think the recipes are diverse enough to appeal to a wide range of appetites and style of camping.

  • The book also caters to those who don’t go car camping and are conscious of space like hikers.  So there is information of smaller camp stoves, cookware, dehydrating food, and those with limited ability to cool their food.     

Our recommendation:

An excellent book for all those who enjoy camping and are looking for some good reliable meals plus a few special extra ones too.    Don’t just make these recipes when camping….make them at home too! 

Where to get it:

This book can be purchased at many bookstores, but one of our favourite booksellers is Book Depository and this book can be found here (with free worldwide shipping).

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