Get 3 easy camping recipes to impress

Do you ever want something a little special or different for your meal - be it at home, or when outdoors?   I find it easy to make the same meal, frequently, when camping because its easy and saves me thinking too hard.  

So when I find myself wondering what to cook on our next trip, Pinterest comes to the rescue.   A website that opens up a whole new world of scrumptious food to try (plus everything else you need to know or see about ....anything!). 

Check out these 3 camping recipes that are all easy, but a little on the clever side.      Easy enough to prepare, buy fancy enough to impress your family!

And all very easy to do at home, for those non-campers amongst you!

Bacon Potatoes


bacon and pototoes recipe

Potatoes are peeled and sliced thinly (but not all the way through – just stop before completely going through the ‘tater).   If time is short, try par-boiling them.

Add slices of bacon (or add some cheese if you want to be a bit more decadent) and wrap in foil.       Put in oven or on coals till baked through.   

Around the campfire, ensure the coals aren’t too hot or you could burn them before fully baked.   Or try in a camp oven!

Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Banana Quesadillas


Dessert Quesadillas for camping

Quesadillas are one of our easiest camping recipes that we put on a hotplate on a BBQ/campfire, or in a frypan over a campstove.

Strawberries and bananas sliced and on a tortilla spread with peanut butter and then placed in a frypan/hotplate to heat through.     For extra decadence, you could maybe skip the peanut butter, and replace with Nutella, but then again, I try and incorporate Nutella into a lot of our desserts, so you might find it a bit too much! 

Preparation is easy and no-fuss.  

 To see this recipe in greater detail, and how easy it is for camping, visit this delectable site.  

Bacon & Corn Cakes 



These would make the perfect breakfast around the campsite – cook on a hotplate or on frypan on the stove, and a lot of the ingredients could be put together prior to leaving home!

You can get all the details from this great website  (where above photo is from)

Let me know what you think about these recipes.   Would you try any?  Comment below.