Hitting the rewind button on our camping blog!!!

With 2013 drawing to a close, this will be a our last post for the year!    Phew!  We made it through the year, with 57 posts that covered a wide range of topics.

So we hit the rewind button equivalent in the blogging world, and now you get to see some highlights of the year (which if you are new to this website will certainly save a lot of time).  

Let’s start at the very beginning…. a very good place to start.


Nothing much happened because we were too busy camping and relaxing to write stories.    That is just the plain truth.  I could attempt to tell you about all amazing planning we were doing for the year ahead, but that really would be stretching the truth!


hammock camping

Tips and more tips.   A tip frenzy for those who love the outdoors.
Hammock camping for beginners, and how to be happier in 1 easy step were just 2 posts that could appeal to outdoors lovers  (and whilst we are on the subject of love, we even delved into the world of romance and outdoors).


easter smores

Easter was upon us all too quickly, and we reminded everyone of the importance of being prepared for camping at the most popular time of the year to camp!     Easter camping tips should be read well before Easter.  

And for those who don’t like camping, we gave you a dessert to make at home – Easter S’Mores.


We asked you to share your camping moments and stories with us.  And this idea started off really strongly, and we had some lovely submissions from near and far.    But in coming months, share your photo concept seemed to falter a little, and we haven’t really done much sharing since.   

It’s not too late to do so.  We would love to hear more from you, anytime!   You can find out how to share your camping moment here.


easy camping recipes

Food is a big part of camping, and we shared easy camping recipes that only need a stick and a campfire!  

Everyone loves easy camping!


Like scary movies?    Then we put together a list of the scariest camping movies.     Watch the trailers if you are brave enough!


Part of our July stories, included a letter from a reader about someone who doesn’t like camping and what to do?   These are our fave stories to write, where we get to help others (plus where anyone else can add their opinion too!).

We do get a lot of emails that range from really normal to plain bizarre (ah, the joys of the internet).    But regardless, we still love getting them and comments too.   

One of the most common emails we got in 2013 were requests to book campsites and availability of sites.    No matter how often we write that we don’t book sites on our main camping website www.gocampingaustralia.com ,   these requests keep coming in!


Like being different?    We showed you outfits that certainly would help make you stand out from the crowd.   See these camping clothes.


grumpy cat goes camping

So many tips to share and this month we covered how to take your cat camping.   The verdict is in…you might be crazy if you contemplate doing this.     


victoria beckham

Marshmallows, Baileys, camping gadgets, and Victoria Beckham – all features in October. 

Bet you don’t see these stories on many other outdoorsy, camping websites?   (FYI:  Looking for some hard facts on campsites, places to stay, reviews, etc, then our main website is a good place to start)



This month covered food in more detail than other months.    No idea why, but could be related to my love of eating more food than I should.

Our first ever cookbook review of the Trailside Cookbook was posted (and recommended).    Plus more delicious and easy  camping recipes that make sausages and onions seem like a mundane meal.

If you want to mix up your cooking at the campsite, then this was the month for you!



So here we are in December, and the end of 2013.        With this month being one of the busiest months for us – children seem to have a lot of commitments and concerts at this time of year, we finished up with a gift guide for anyone who loves being outdoors and loves camping gear.      If you were stuck for a present idea, then we put together 15 ideas that aren’t your average gifts.

Thank you to everyone who read our website/blog, shared a story or photo, Tweeted about, visited and liked our Facebook page (and a special shout out to some amazing fans on our FB page, who always comment/like stories, even the ones that Facebook barely share in anyone’s Newsfeeds, yet these people always find our stories!).  

Special thanks to the readers who comment at the end of the blog posts – we love getting feedback, and when you comment, it makes us feel very happy!

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year, and hope that you will visit us again in 2014.