Nature sucks says Toys R Us

Once upon a time, somewhere in a boardroom in the USA, a bunch of marketing executives from Toys ‘R’ Us decided that the young, impressionable minds of children throughout the US needed to be reminded that toys are the ultimate outing that any child could experience.

But how could they reinforce this concept?  

So a bright idea was formed.  Show the kids that going out on a field trip is boring, and nature is so 'ho-hum'.   Make the kids in the ad look incredibly bored, and have a teacher who is equally dull.
Basically, the ad needs to emphasise that learning is lame.   

And so the ad was created, and aired......

Now I know that  most children would love that idea of free rein in a store (I would have too at that age) but to many who see this ad, myself included, the blatant way Toys ‘R’ Us promote this concept is seriously flawed and insensitive.    

The promotion of rampant consumerism being better than anything such as spending time with a group of friends, on a trip to explore and try new environments and experiences - is sending very wrong messages to such a young and vulnerable target audience.

There is no hiding the fact that Toys 'R' Us, have sent the message to all who watch it - being outdoors is lame; learning is something not to be embraced; and that those who teach about science and nature, are boring and unable to inspire.

There has been an uproar about this advertisement, including a petition of 20,000 signatures to take it off air.

Comedian Stephen Colbert said of this ad:

“This commercial shows kids the ‘great outdoors’ is nothing compared to the majesty of a strip mall. And they still get some nature because, remember, that confetti used to be a tree!”

At the end of the day, we, the parents are meant to feel all warm and fuzzy about this company letting a bunch of children get gifts.     I am not buying it.     The benefits of being outdoors will always outweigh the benefits of owning a princess doll.

And if you want to know some of the benefits of kids outdoors, read about how it can save eyesight, and improve well being. 

If you have any thoughts, please share them below.