The tent to save you in a zombie attack

Vampires are so yesterday.

There is a new creature in town, capturing the minds (and wallets) of consumers.  That is the zombie.     

Movies, books and TV series are all featuring these loveable, undead and unattractive creatures who stumble around looking for the living to feed off.

What’s not to love? 

And camping suppliers have realised this fact, and have brought out Tentpak Alpinizmo 45 Zombie Apocalypse Pack.

The marketing blurb says

This pack allows you to move light and fast but still carry all the gear you'll need to survive.

zombie tent package

So what do you get to survive this zombie apocalypse?

  • Backpack with a tent  (only good if you can sleep in a zombie attack)
  • Machete    (slice head off, zombie remains dead)
  • Gerber bear Grylls 'Scout Essentials' Kit   (does Bear know he is in a zombie kit?)
  • Multi tool   (includes bottle opener)
  • Survival tool
  • Firestarter   (handy to set the zombie on fire in attack)

zombie pack
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If you want to start planning for that zombie attack, then this could be the package for you – surviving isn’t cheap, this will cost around AUD570.     Weight will vary depending upon the package you get.

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FYI:  For your benefit, we help you identify possible zombies that might come for you. See below.

Image source: here