Is this your next portable camping stove?

portable camping stove

Going camping with kids means we take a lot of gear and we are always looking to save space in the back of the car, and working out what is actually a “must-have” camping item for that trip. 

Lightweight camping is the terminology that doesn’t apply to our family camping trips.

If I tried to sneak in this portable camping stove – the Faltovn – made by a Dutch company, Leenders, I think that could cause some heated discussions about over packing for a weekend away.

faltovn camping stove


Weighing in at close to 10kg (22 lbs), the Faltovn is not one for any backpacker. 

It’s designed for those who camp (or enjoy backyard dining as opposed to actually going camping) and the desire to go beyond the humble campfire. 


It’s a stove that is bound to draw admiring glances from all other campers, because it does look good.   You will probably also get sympathetic and bemused looks as you try to carry it to the campsite without doing yourself an injury.

More than cooking


camping stove

Another purpose it’s designed for is to warm up a canvas tent.

The stove comes with a chimney on a 45degree angle which you can poke out through the entrance.
This is not something I would even contemplate doing;  tents and fire don’t mix and it freaks me out thinking about it.      Possibly if you are in freezing conditions around the world, maybe, it’s a more common practice to do this.  For Australia, I can’t see that as a practical application.

So what’s the price?  

Around AUD800 (at time of writing). That’s more expensive than my stove in my kitchen at home.    Actually, I think its more expensive than my kitchen!

If you think that this is a bit pricey, and want to know about camping and hiking stoves more suitable for your camping experiences, then make sure you read our story on choosing camping and hiking stoves.