7 Freaky and Funky Sleeping Bags: #4 will make you hungry

Anyone can go to the store and buy an average sleeping bag.    You probably own one or two that fit the category of not-that-exciting.     I know I do.   We own loads of sleeping bags, but none of them are going to win prizes for looks or originality.

I'm OK with that.

But if you are the sort of person, who does want to spice up their camping style or just stand out from the camping crowd, then this list is for you. 

Or maybe, you just want to shake your head and say "who on earth would wear something that stupid?"

Either way, these seven sleeping bags are our top weird sleeping bags.    The internet has been scoured to bring you these unique sleeping bags, and possibly inspire you to give one as a gift? 

1.  Doppelganger Humanoid Fleece Faceless Sleeping Bag

It’s got a long title, but this onesie sold out on its first day, when it was initially released!  Yes, I know.  Hard to believe.  

You can find out more at:   www.japantrendshop.com


2.  Cocon by Celine Merhand

When we showed this on our Facebook page this year, everyone seemed to like the idea of being able to snuggle up in the cocoon-like sleeping bag chair.   Maybe not for the campsite as getting it there would be a pain in the butt.  

You can find out more at:   www.super-ette.com


3.   Knitted Baby Shark Sleeping Bag

Even the smallest camper can look funky in the jaws of a knitted shark.      Sure to draw comments such as “inappropriate” to “how cute”, this sleeping bag will at least get people talking.

You can find out more at:   www.etsy.com

shark baby sleeping bag



4.    Croissant Inspired Sleeping Bag

Someone, somewhere was nibbling on their French pastry one morning, and came up with the idea as they ate, that a croissant would be a great sleeping bag. 

And voila!    This is what we have……


5.   Sleep Suit


Urban campers might find this handy if you are prone to needing a nap during the day or on the commute to work.   
The idea behind it is that the pleats will make you feel comfortable wherever you happen to nap (as seen in the picture below).   Made of EVA foam, this is one way of sleeping that will make you stand out, wherever you sleep.

You can find out more at:   http://www.forrestjessee.com


Here’s another photo, because I believe, this suit is worthy of 2 photos in this story……

pleated sleeping bag


6.  Japanese Snuggie

At first glance, you might think this is the Selk Suit (see our story on the Selk here).

But look more closely, and you will see that it differs, especially in the feet area…and the lack of arms.

No idea where you can find out more on this because its all in Japanese.

freaky and funky sleeping bag

6.   Kimono Sleeping Bag

Another Japanese sleeping bag, but one with a cultural influence.

The kimono, with history dating back to the 5th century AD, has been modified a little……well, actually, a lot to come up with this style of sleeping bag and apparel.

freaky and funky sleeping bags

7.     Jabba the Hut

Star Wars has given us classic and memorable characters, and Jabba is one the most unattractive of them all.    And you can sleep in a replica of this notorious crime lord of the Outer Rim Galaxies.

FYI: To sleep in Jabba, head needs to be removed

For more Star Wars sleeping bags, you can sleep in a Tauntaun – read about it  here

Details of this suit are found via Amazon UK

jabba sleeping bag

It never ceases to amaze me how much bizarre camping gear there is out there.  

Are we all a bunch of crazy people with too much money to spend?    Is there really a market that needs some of these items?         I can't see many campers I know wanting to have these items on their camping list, but if they do, pretty confident that there is going to be a lot of laughing involved.


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