31 Portable Camping Toilets for every camper

 Did you know that if you live to 78.6 years old you will  spend a total of 92 days on the toilet (and men spend 4 more minutes on the toilet than women daily)
(source:  here)

No wonder some people really worry about going to the toilet when camping – it’s a big part of our daily lives as the fact above attests!

You might know of someone who won’t go camping because of the lack of toilet facilities – I know I do!   A few people who are horrified by the no full flushing toilet scenario, who just shake their head in bewilderment, and go “no way” to the camping concept!

If you are a bit afraid of going camping, because you think you will have to dig a hole (not that there’s anything wrong with that, and the preferred method of many who go bush camping, but not acceptable in caravan parks), then you should know, that there are lots of alternatives to the digging hole business.

You can see, 31 ways to go to the toilet when outdoors – from the basic to the bizarre; minimalistic to mammoth sized – there is a toilet option for everyone who goes camping or spends time outdoors.

The Bucket Options

Using a household bucket is a timeless toilet option.    Big or small, with some additions, you have a place to go!

(1)  For the organised person, who knows what they are doing in advance.

Camping toilet

(2)  Toilet seat and plastic bag addition to this nappy bucket, gives you a fast toilet.

camping toilet bucket

(3)  For the home handyperson, using PVC pipes and a bucket.  Assembly required.

(details on how to make this can be found here at Instructables.com)

camping toilet

(4)  A popular toilet, featured on our Facebook Page – using a pool noodle as a seat

(5)  This pool noodle version, comes with an attached toilet roll – it’s the more expensive model!

camping toilet with noodle



Up Market Bucket Options

Want more than a bucket?  Then these buckets have had the posh treatment!


(6 ) The humble plastic garden chair gets a makeover.

camping toilet chair

(7)  Bucket not included, but I think it would be beneficial and less messy.

camping chair toilet

 (Photo source: Unknown)

(8 )      BYO bucket to this location and enjoy nature as you sit.

outdoors toilet
(found at thesittingtree.net)

(9)   Hide the common bucket with a milk crate.   Flowers optional.  

fancy bucket toilet
(Photo source: Unknown)

(10)   Rustic bucket toileting.  This is for the rugged campers.

outdoor toilet
(photo source:  here)

(11)     Bucket toilet camping escalated to new level (from our Facebook Page)

The Innovative Options

A little more fancy than the humble bucket, these camping toilets provide an alternative way to use the toilet.

(12)     The pop up pooper - just pop and you are ready to poop

(seen here)

pop up pooer

(13)     The Bumper Dumper -   Attach to back of your vehicle (when ignition is off!) – dig a hole, or use a bucket!

(Details at:  Bumper Dumper)

bumper dumper
bumper dumper with bucket

The Traditional

We couldn’t not include the traditional camping toilet…..The Porta Potty.    A friend to many campers around the world.

(14)    You can read the review of the Thetford Porta Pottie here

camping toilet options

The Less Common

(15)    Found on internet – somewhere – and it’s for the seasoned traveller, who likes to bring everything they need for a fulfilling time on the loo,  in a suitcase. 

camping toilet
(16)    The Seaparett Camping Toilet with Urine Diverter.     To know more about the diversions, read the link below.  

(Details at Littlehouse.co)


(17)     When space isn’t an issue for camping…….

fancy toilet

(18)     If you have a powered site, the electric incinerating toilet will impress neighbours!   No water needed, just burn up your waste.
Fire restrictions might cramp your incinerating requirements.

(Details at:   http://www.incinolet.ca/)


19)    I have no idea what this is, but its some toilet device.     I have a feeling it may only be for men…….

no idea camping toilet

(20)     No bucket available?   Then a traffic cone will do the job.

hazard toilet
(image source here)

(21)   Inflate a potty.  

Inflates in seconds, and when you are done, you can deflate and keep in your pocket – just remember to empty it first.

(Details here:  http://www.safetycentral.com/inflateapotty.html)


Plastic Bag Option

This option has grown in popularity over the years, and we are seeing a lot more of it in the marketplace – where a certain product is added to the bags to minimise odor and turn liquid to solid.   

(22)     Ezygonow toilet products – pop up toilet kit, with plastic bags.  Easy to carry, and store!    
(details at:  https://www.ezygonow.com.au/)


(23)    Bog in a Bag – another similar concept to the above, but smaller.  Once again, special plastic bags which contain a granular powder, are needed.

(details at:   http://boginabag.net.au/index.html)




Plastic Bag option – the Homemade sort

For those who are wanting a less hygienic way of using plastic bags, then we have come across this one….pretty sure, there are many variations on this.


(24)     This is just the commode chair, with a  garbage bag attached.

homemade plastic bag toilet



The Australian Option

The Australian Dunny.     What more can you say?    It’s a classic.


(image source and details here)


(image source and details here)

(image source and details here)



“What happens when it gets wet?”  option

Good aim a must with these camping toilets.  If they go soggy, you could be in trouble. 


shit box

(29)    Cardboard and plastic combined in this one….

gotta go toilet

For the children option

If you have little people in your life, and don’t want them disappearing down any of the options shown, here are few children inspired toilets for camping.

kids camping toilet
(image source and details here)

(image source and details here)



Toilet Paper Options for Campers

We couldn’t just leave you without some ways to wipe your butt when outdoors.

You could try this one…..Shittens.     I love the name so much, I just had to include in this list.


If you go out to the toilet at night, you’ll find the toilet paper easily, when it glows.
(read more about glow in the dark paper here)

glow in dark camping

Mother Nature’s way....no fuss option, just choose your leaves carefully.

leaves as toilet paper
(image source:  Survivalist.com)

Don’t let lack of a flushing toilet deter you from camping!  Just pick one of the above options above, and get outdoors!

PS.  The sign below is still sort-of true, despite all the toilets mentioned above!