17 Campfires for your backyard (when you are stuck at home)

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Campfire season is upon us.

Depending on where you live, fire restrictions might have been in place since November last year.      By the end of April, many of those restrictions will be lifted, and getting all smoky (and smelly) will become part of your camping experience once more.
But if you are stuck at home and can’t get away, you might just have to try and replicate the campfire in your backyard.

For us, we have a brazier which allows us to cook up meals that give us the taste of campfires, and we can practice our jaffle and dutch oven techniques.    Lately, our camping trips haven’t been as frequent as we would like, so this backyard campfire has given us a little taste of camping, without ever leaving home.     The beauty of this cooking method is that if it gets all a bit smoky, we can go indoors and wash up straight away, rather than smelling of smoke for days!

Of course, anyone can have an average fire pit in their backyard right?

So here are 17  not-so-ordinary ways to stay warm in your backyard this winter when you can’t go camping!

Minion Campfire 


Like these guys from the  movie “Despicable Me”?  Now use them for your backyard cooking!

campfire for backyard despicable me

(image source here)

Metal Fire


Not probably practical for Dutch Oven cooking, but a fire that looks like a campfire when not lit!  

metal campfire pit

(image source here)

Dragon Fire


Fire breathing dragon for real.

campfires for backyard dragon mouth

(image source here)

Grate Wall of Fire


“Grate Wall” !!    Get it???

grate wall of fire

(image source here)

Ahoy Me  Hearties


Aye! A pirate ship that landlubbers will enjoy

backyard pirate ship

(image source here)

The Force is Strong with this campfire


Featured before on our website, but we can never have enough Star Wars camping.

death star fire pit

And another Star Wars campfire (because I can…..)

Admittedly, this backyard campfire is for only really tiny Stormtroopers.

star wars go camping

(image source:  here)

Lord of The (Fire) Rings


Stay warm on Middle Earth

middle earth firepit for backyard camping

(image source: here)

Earth, Wind and Fire (actually, no wind)


Clever craftsmanship lights up earth.

sphere campfire backyard firepit

(image source and pricing here)

Recycled Fire


Got an old washing machine lying around?  Then you might have a firepit for your backyard.

converted washing machine drum

(image source:  unknown)
(Instructions on how to do, found here)

Australiana Alight


Made overseas, this sphere is of our Australian landscape.

campfire for backyard australian sphere

(image source and pricing here)

Cowboys and Horseshoes


Technically, this isn’t a campfire  for your backyard, but if you are in an apartment, and don’t have a backyard…..this could be for you!  Maybe not for cooking though.

apartment campfire

(image source:  here)

Bambi On Fire


This reminds me of when the fire swept through the forest in the movie Bambi.    Still traumatised.

backyard campfire

(image source and pricing here)

Barrels of Fun


Wine barrels get a 2nd lease of life, with this gas set up.  Alcohol and fire – what can go wrong?

converted wine barrel for backyard

(image source and instructions here)

Impressive.  Most Impressive.  Obi-Wan has Taught You Well

I know.   It’s another Star Wars campfire.  But honestly, can you have too many?

Made by “Burned by Design”, this designer is way too clever.

darth vader helmet firepit

Witch King of Angmar


A short break from Star Wars campfires – this one is for the Lord of the Rings fans.   No idea about this character, but I do know that its one scary looking way to warm up your backyard.  Might give the kids nightmares.

Also by the clever person who did Darth Vader.     See designs here

campfire for backyard witch of angmar

Bounty Hunter Scum Fire


Our last fancy fire for your backyard.    The last Star Wars reference I can get into this story - Boba Fett’s helmet turned into a way to keep you warm.

boba fett helmet

Just because you can’t getaway for the weekend, you don’t have to be totally deprived of the camping experience.     Even if you don’t cook on your outdoor fire, the comfort of sitting around an open fire is a comfort that is hard to beat.    With any of the above campfires, you will certainly get your visitors talking!

Common Sense Required:     These are all great features for your backyard, but like camping, safety must be paramount.   3m clearance from anything flammable or overhanging trees; keep a water source close by; don’t overload the fire container; watch for embers and obey all fire restrictions/bans for your area. If in doubt, check with your local fire authority.