What's New in Camping? Gear and Gadgets You Need to See

Outdoorsy gadgets and gear just keep on coming onto the market.

There is always someone thinking up a new way to experience the outdoors, make it  more comfortable (or more complicated) and whilst we may not want it now, it’s still fun to look at the items that won’t necessarily be stored in your garage anytime soon.

Of course, being in Australia, means that some of this gear may not make it to our shores ever, or it will take a long time (and we will probably be charged a lot more than anywhere else in the world should it arrive), so keep that in mind before you get out your credit card!

Thermo Tent


camping gear and gadgets


If you don’t like waking up in an oven of a tent on a hot summer’s morning, or freezing in your tent at night, then this tent might be designed for you.      Pretty sure that everyone of us who has camped has experienced some temperature swing that makes your tent a bit miserable to be in!

Those sorts of temperature situations are what inspired the creator of the Thermo Tent to try to rectify the fluctuations in the inside of your tent as the weather changes.

Traditional tent on the outside, the clever part is what goes on inside the tent, with insulation that breathes (because condensation in your tent is no fun), but controls temperature and is an acoustic insulator – which means that snorer or all-night cougher won’t be as loud!

It’s currently a Kickstarter project, so you can read more about it here:  http://thermotents.com/

Watch the video below to find out everything you need to know about this tent and why it's generating so much interest in the camping world.

Toyota Prius Camper

camping gear and gadgets

So you  have the hybrid Prius at home in the garage, and want to go camping, but the conventional car isn't going to do the job?     

Then stick this conversion onto the back of your car, and you have a big hump attached to your car, containing enough room for a bed and retractable sofa and bed.

Will it win any prizes for beauty?  Unlikely.  In fact, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson got into a bit of trouble with his thoughts on this car.  Read about that here


camping gear and gadgets

So you don’t have a Prius, so the previous camping item was  pretty useless for you.

Then how about a van or one of those larger people mover cars?  Maybe that is more your style?

This innovation allows you and your car to go camping with the BuddyBoxes which are individual modules, that you can mount in your van (and remove when not camping) – you buy what you need to create the configuration that suits you.

Of course, you still need to have all the other camping equipment like shelter, tables etc. to help complete the camping experience.

To read more about this, head to:  http://buddybox.de/  (PS. It’s all in German) 

Burnie Grill

camping gear and gadgets

Not sure what to say about this one!    It retails for US$13 and is basically wood and charcoal combined, that burns itself out after 90mins or so (depending on what size you buy).   Naturally, you can only use it once, because once its lit, it stays lit, and reduces itself to ashes.  

 I thought the commercial was a parody, but its not.   You can watch it below:

Big Agnes mtnGLO Tents

camping gear and gadgets

Tired of taking extra lighting into your tent to read at night?

How cool would it be to have the lighting already in there on a  permanent basis? 

That’s where the mtnGLO tents by Big Agnes stand out from others.

camping gear and gadgets

“Illuminated with patent-pending mtnGLO™ Tent Light Technology featuring LED lights integrated into the tent body seams (so it's not something you have to add every time you set up)  the lights are triggered via on/off button, and can go to 50% brightness if you don’t want to wake anyone during the night.

There is a size of tent that suits everyone, including the ultralight camper.

More information at:   https://www.bigagnes.com/Products/Collections/mtnGLOTents

Road Shower

camping gear and gadgets

Want to stay clean on the road?

Then utilise the roof of your vehicle, with a system that solar heats the water as you drive, and has multi functions apart from keeping you clean but the real point of this invention, is the fact that you can have heated water when you need it, without taking up a whole lot of room in the vehicle.

You can read all about it at roadshower.com.au - retails here in Australia for $395.



Helinox CotOne

camping gear and gadgets

camping gear and gadgets

Not wanting to sleep on the ground when camping, but not wanting to cart around those cumbersome camper cots or stretcher beds either? 

When space is at a premium, and weight is a consideration, then this Helinox CotOne could be the answer to your prayers for a comfy night.

Weighing around 2kg, you will pay a bit for this comfort in the outdoors.   $338 for one cot.  So not a cheap option for a good nights sleep, but a very cool looking one.

Read about them at helinox.com.au

Backpack friendly BBQ/Grill

camping gear and gadgets

Portable grills are not new.  There are a number of variations on lightweight grills that allow you to get a BBQ on the go.     This one is different because of the material used.  

This grill is made of  portable fabric (yes, heat resistant fabric) grill, that allows you to cook wherever you are.   Weighing in at 3.6kg, its  not going to suit anyone who is weighing their backpack religiously, but if you don’t have a lot of space in your car, then this could be an option!

It takes charcoal too, so need to factor that in to your carrying capabilities!

Read more at:  http://gobqgrills.com

Smallest Bottle Opener

camping gear and gadgets

camping gear and gadgets

Another Kickstarter project that went crazy!   Titanium bottle opener, but oh, so tiny.  

I am not sure if there are a lot of benefits to having such a tiny bottle opener, but maybe I don't open enough bottles of beer?

You can read about it here.

This is just a glimpse of some of the many products retailers have brought out in recent times.    I can see how a few of these are a great idea, and would fit in to many a camper's gear list.    Others, I am not sure.

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