How to save space when camping? With Collapsible camping gear of course!!

collapsible camping gear

Saving space on a family camping trip can be tricky.

Do you ever wonder, as you gaze around everything that needs to fit in the car, how are you going to do it?

On longer car camping trips, the boot of the car is like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, with every box packed precisely, and every gap utilised.

This dilemma to save space is universal in the camping world.   So much so, that inventors are trying to work out how to save space and the idea is collapsible camping.      

Gear that folds down, shrinks, collapses, making room for more gear.      

We all know that tents, chairs, tables and camp kitchens collapse into smaller, more manageable, easier to pack items.

That’s nothing new.

But what else could we collapse or fold down on our camping trips?

Collapsible Silicone Kettle - for lightweight hiking/camping


If you are looking to save space and save grams, this kettle by Sea to Summit, with a 1L capacity can boil your water plus it's versatile - you can use as a pot as well thanks to a wide opening.

Pop Up Luci Light


We have covered this Luci Lantern before - you can read our review here.
When not in use, squish it down.  Another big and great feature - it is solar powered so no batteries to worry about running out.


Collapsible Water Bottles - by Crumple

We all know that the environment is not being helped by our endless use of plastic bottles and cups.  It's time we reused our bottles and did our part in solving the mess this planet is in.

Crumple has introduced these water bottles (large range) and available via our affiliate Wild Earth.
They are BPA free, leak-free, and heatproof.  They also have coffee cups that collapse, so it's not just a camping thing.   

Crumple says "Our eco cups and bottles are made from food-grade, natural silicone that can safely be heated to 220 degrees celsius and is travel safe, kid-friendly and portable. It costs the environment $36 to produce 200 disposable cups  versus $0.98c to produce 1 Silicone cup and wash it 200 times!" 

Collapsible Cooking Gear

When we first started this blog/website, collapsible cooking gear was not as common as it is now.  Sea to Summit has really excelled in the marketplace by producing a whole lot of collapsible cooking items.  Here is a selection below.

Sea to Summit - 5 piece set    (a pot, 2 bowls and 2 mugs)   Availability and Pricing here.

If you still need more, then you can get mugs, plates and bowls individually or in sets. 

Washing Up Tub

camping gear space saving

The washing up tub is one thing I rate as essential when camping.  So many uses apart from washing up the dishes!     We use a plastic one from a variety store, but maybe its time to think collapsible?

The big range available in all prices and sizes - it's up to you and your budget on which one is right for you.  See the range here at Amazon.

Collapsible Shot Glass



Not sure if this is theoretically a camping item, but for those of you who like to take a shot and get a measured amount (no swigging from the bottle needed with this), then add to your keychain, whether you camp or not.

Availability and pricing here

Pop Up Toilet



Who doesn't love a toilet that collapses?

Availability - as of 2020, its been hard to find.  Sorry. 

Collapsible Rocket Lamp


Another lamp that collapses is the Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp, with 250 Lumens.   With collapsible legs and takes 3 AAA batteries, you can stand it up, hang it from your tent, use dimmable red and white lights, this collapsing lamp would be great in any tent.

Collapsible Camp Oven



Gasmate used to produce a camp oven that collapsed, but it seems hard to get these days.  So the closest we could find is a collapsible BBQ from Gasmate.

Availability via Gasmate

If space is an issue with your camping gear, then maybe it is time to start choosing collapsible gear?

This story was first published in 2015 but has been updated and edited for accuracy.  

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