Camping, Carabiners and You! (and a giveaway)

Carabiners and outdoors go together like fire and marshmallows or my husband and his beer on a Friday night. 
Not sure what a carabiner is?

You are not alone. 

Years ago, I would call them the “clippy things” or the “thingy on your belt”.     People understood what I was talking about (sort of) but it’s nice to sound all knowledgeable and now use the correct terminology of carabiners – a standard carabiner is pictured below.

If you didn’t know that that picture above was called a carabiner, you do now.
You see people wearing these every day carry (EDC) carabiners on their belts to hold keys and tools – not the most attractive clips to have hanging off your belt (especially if they put so many keys on the carabiner, it pulls down their pants, and you see their butt).

Regardless, it’s a highly functional way of not looking for your keys!

But when outdoors they do more than hold just hold keys.

Climbers love especially designed carabiners because they join things together, which are sort of important – like ropes - that keep them from plunging down the cliff.

Hikers love them because you attach a large range items that have a loop, to your backpack such as drink bottles, shoes, etc. with the use of a carabiner.   (note:  I use a hand sanitizer attached to a carabiner which hangs off my backpack.   Uncool maybe, but at least I have germ-free hands).

And when it comes to camping –  you have a few options on how to use these gadgets
  • attach tarps
  • you can make tent/hammock/rope lines taut (when you have too much slack) 
  • use carabiners that are weight bearing for your hammock set up
  • keep your car keys on it.  This is very relevant if you are car camping, and when you lock the car for the night – you need to be able to have those keys readily found, not turning up the whole campsite wondering where you put them down.    Not mentioning any names but it does happen.   Attached to your pants, you are less likely to lose the keys.  Or hang the keys in your tent using the carabiner.
  • need to hang up clothes or a sleeping bag to air out – use a carabiner to hang it up!     
  • busted zipper on a bag?  Use the carabiner to hold the 2 sides together so gear doesn’t spill out.
  • no clothesline to dry that wet swimsuit or tea towel?  Use a carabiner on a tree branch and attach the clothes.

An Australian company – Bico – loved carabiners so much, they are making their own.

Rather than just duplicate the average (i.e.  boring) EDC (Everyday Carry) ones available in the market place; they are making stylish ones that you can utilise not just when camping but at home too.

Here’s a bit about Bico Carabiners, and how YOU can get a stylish one!


How did it all begin?

Bico came into existence in 1995 when a couple of designers in Bondi Beach saw a lack of high quality stylish surf jewellery that represented the young and exciting culture around us.    We started creating pieces based on tribal designs and incorporated meanings into virtually all of our pieces.

Three years ago we started working on concepts and techniques to re-design the function and look of both Carabiners and keyrings using exotic varieties of Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Are these an Australian product?

Unlike most designers, we actually physically undertake every aspect of manufacture in our Sydney workshops before we subcontract any part of our production.

To ensure we maintain complete control of the manufacturing process we also place team members into any factory that produces for us.

Titanium is costly – why use it?

Titanium is an amazing metal – lustrous and white, highly resistant to corrosion, incredibly strong and light – and yes, very expensive and hard to obtain!

We then settled on using Grade 5 Titanium “aircraft grade” – one of the strongest and lightest of all of the Titanium alloys.

Titanium is also non-toxic and biocompatible to the human body. If you have the slightest allergy then Titanium is your metal of choice: you can handle our keyrings all day without any concern.


How is your carabiner different? 



Our concept has transformed the standard EDC Carabiner design into shapes and styles that become wearable art while preserving all of the functions of a standard EDC Carabiner.

The Keyklipz is made from super strong and super light Titanium, so is easy to carry and hang off bags and clothing without damaging the loops.

You can carry keys and multi-tools and quickly and easily place them on our take them off the Keyklipz.  The double locking gates ensure that whatever you clip onto the keyring is held securely and will not be lost.

(FYI:  These carabiners are not weight bearing carabiners you would use to support yourself)

2 additional camping uses for the Keyklipz:

  1. One design has a great bottle opener designed into it, so you can always open your favourite bottle of beer (another essential camping article for many). 
  2. In an emergency you can even strike the keyring against different rock surfaces to create super-hot sparks to start a fire!

Need to find out more?

You can visit the website  and choose from a range of stylish EDC carabiners

How can I get one NOW?

Just enter the competition below.  Bico have provided 4 to give away, each one valued at between $50-55, and you can get one free!   Three of them are the ones with bottle opener capabilities (as seen above).

Just enter now, as the competition starts 30 August and finishes 6 September 2015.   Winners notified by email.

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