The Inventive Camping Esky that Powers Your Gadgets

inventive camping eskies

If you have an esky (or cooler)  then you know it’s pretty unexciting.  In fact, its hard to get excited about one because after all, it’s a box with a lid that keeps your food and drink cold.
But the humble cooler, has gone upmarket.

It’s not just a cooling device for your drinks anymore.  No way.

The new range of eskies (or coolers, depending on your terminology) are upmarket.

Innovative.    Technology friendly.     Stylish.

Say goodbye to ugly box in your garage, and see what your next esky could be!

Coolest Cooler


camping esky and cooler gadgets


Whilst its name won’t win any prizes for imagination, this Kickstarter campaign went mad, and raised over $13 million to get this cooler brought to life:  the creator only needed $50,000 to make it a reality.   It was the most successful Kickstarter fundraiser ever.

A clever idea, has resulted in a very successful product – a lot of people obviously want a not-so-average esky in their life.

The Coolest gives you drinks, music and a whole lot more for your camping trip.

  • A blender (I could easily enjoy a banana daiquiri at the campsite)
  • USB for recharging gadgets
  • LED lights
  • Outdoor Bluetooth speaker (removable from the cooler)
  • Bottle opener
  • Rubberised wheels so you don’t need to carry + a bungee cord to hold things on top of the cooler
  • Built in plates, cutlery, corkscrew, and a chopping board that also acts as a divider within the ice section!

If you really want to see how it all works, then you must watch the video below.

To find out how you can buy one (and yes, they do ship to Australia), visit

If that isn’t enough to make you go crazy for a new cooler, then how about this one…

nipi – The “Smart” Cooler


esky and cooler camping gadgets

Why is this little cooler not your average esky that you take when outdoors?

nipi (note:  its meant to be all typed in lowercase letters – I am not totally bad at punctuation), does more than cool.

It is a busy esky that does the following:

  • A charging hub for your phone/tablets
  • Has own solar panel so it recharges itself
  • A security deposit box with a lockable storage area
  • Internal and external  LED lighting
  • Oversized wheels to go over any terrain
  • Cup holders
  • Ice retention technology to keep ice frozen over 6 days

nipi has just reached its Kickstarter goal, and will go into production shortly.   To find out more on nipi, head to it's  Kickstarter page

camping cooler esky gadgets

Looking for something a little less complicated?    But more mobile?    

Then you need a remote controlled cooler.      Apart from being like a big remote controlled car, it won't power your devices,  make a cocktail,  can't light up nor can it play music.        Suitable for smooth, hard terrain only!

camping esky for lazy people

Available at numerous stockists in Australia, such as Dick Smith for around $70.   See it in action below in this very unappealing ad for it.

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