13 Cool Camping Gadgets and Gear to Make you Love Winter Camping!!

gadgets and gear for camping in winter - 13 items.

Damn, it’s been a cold winter!!     Normally we do a lot of camping at this time of year, but this year, not so much.     I have waved goodbye to the more fearless camper in the family from the comfort of my heated home more than once this season.

I am not alone.   Many of you have mentioned that its been too cold for camping and that you have stayed indoors a little more often that you would have liked to.

There ARE great benefits to camping in winter – the heat of the campfire being the biggest one I can think of, plus you are more likely to get your favorite campsite all to yourself, but you do need to be prepared for this weather, and it’s a topic we have covered before  (see our tips for camping in winter as an example). 

But if you don’t like being cold, its going to take some encouragement to get you to venture outdoors in wintery conditions.

That’s why you need to read and see these 13 camping gadgets and gear that might entice you (and me) to go camping when the mercury is dropping.

You can head outdoors and survive with a little help from some of these items below…….

1.  Heated socks

Is there anything worse than cold feet? 

If you feel that standing around the campsite could be improved with toasty feet, then these battery operated socks, with a heating element built in, could be the answer.   

The ones featured below, are available at Edge & Wax, but there are cheaper variations all over the Internet.


2.     Chaheati Heated Chair – warm up your butt

Warm buns is the way to go when camping in winter.  

And the Chaheati is just one way to guarantee that.  

A heated chair that looks pretty much like most camping chairs you see around the place, but with the ability to warm yourself with 4 temperature settings, camping (and your butt)  just got warmer.  

Fun fact:  We first featured this chair back in 2012 as Gadget of the Week, so read our story from way back then!

camping chair for winter camping

Details at Chaheati

3.     Crash Sack

Recently this was on our Facebook page (note - if you haven't been there and "Liked" us, please head over there soon)  the Crash Sack is a sleeping bag that has arm holes, so you can go straight from your tent to wherever you need to be, without ever taking off the sleeping bag! 

Fashionable?  Maybe not.  

Practical?  Probably.

Camping gear for everyone who doesn't like winter camping

Availability via REI 

4.   The Drink Mitt

You want warm hands, and a cold beer?     Then don’t think you can’t have both in winter.    Because you can.  

Keep warm when camping with this drink cooler

Gear for winter camping

The Hanksie Drink Mitt means that you can go camping in winter and have a chilled drink!    In a variety of colours, so you can match your mitt to your outfit!

Available via  Hanksie  (and if they don’t deliver, ask someone who knits to make you one).

5.  Toasty Mug

Getting out of the tent in the morning in winter, can be a little unpleasant until you warm up.   Actually getting out of bed at home is unpleasant as well. 

gadgets for winter camping

When you get that morning coffee or tea, you can keep your hands warm with the ToastyMUG, a ceramic mug perfect for the winter mornings at camp  (when you can’t use the Hanksie Drink Mitt). 

Looking for hot drink inspiration isn't tricky.  Read up on these 9  hot camping drinks that are perfect for outdoors!

Mug above available via Sabrina Fossi

6.  Battery Heated Clothing

Apart from the socks, you can basically get any clothing battery heated.   I did not know that there was such a vast array of items available.    Hats, gloves, pants, vests, jackets, base layers and slippers (the last item appeals to me greatly!).

There is no excuse for not getting warm as long as you are all charged up.

gear for winter camping including a heated vest
A 3 zone, battery heated women's vest

camping gear for winter camping - heated slippers
3.7v Battery Heated slippers - how good would these be???

A large range is at Voltheat.com where these images are from.

7.  Smartphone Gloves – for smart (and cold) campers

Smartphones are a big part of many people’s lives these days.   But if camping, you have an urgent need to send a SMS, check email or play a game, your little fingers don’t need to suffer from wind, rain or cold with these gloves.

They allow you to type without ever removing them – as they use use conductive materials on  the fingertips to transmit electrical current from your body to the device.


If you want to find out more about this, because frankly, it’s a lot more technical than I ever imagined, you can read this Huffington Post story which explains why your normal gloves aren’t going to do the job.

You can gloves such as the Glider Gloves below, but there are lots around, so shop wisely.

Gear  for camping in winter for your smartphone

Or maybe, you just need a glove such as this…which unfortunately didn’t make it to the marketplace, so any budding entrepreneurs out there, here's an idea for you!

camping gadget for your smartphone

8.   Thermo Tent

We have mentioned this tent in an earlier story about new innovations in camping, but its worth repeating for your winter camping gear!


The Thermo Tent is insulated, so its going to keep the inside of your tent a lot less Arctic in winter (plus cooler in summer).   

 If you think you might freeze in your tent, then you might want to check out Thermo Tents to see if your camping experiences can be warmed up.

9.  Zippo Hand Warmer

gadget for camping

We first talked about this hand warmer ages ago (it was our Gadget of the Week) but it’s still around.

Topping up the hand warmer  with lighter fluid, it stays warm for hours and can actually get quite hot, so care is needed.   Put one in each pocket, and your hands won’t be seen for hours!

Available online at Travel Universe

10.   Snowball Gloves – tough campers only

If camping in the snow (and I do admire you very much if you do), then a snowball fight can be cut short when everyone claims its too cold to continue.
Make sure you are not the first one to give in, but continue your relentless snowball attacks on everyone with gloves like this.

These are concept only designed by by Dutch designer, Janet Emmelkamp but if you are clever, then maybe you can make your own!

gadget for winter camping

11.     Hydro Hammock  -  hot tub anyone? 


stay warm and clean when camping


How good does a hot bath sound when camping?    Or a bubble bath?

If you love hammock camping, you may not have thought of the hammock becoming a hot tub.  I certainly had not.   

As the Daily Telegraph noted

“Is the hot tub hammock genius or just a soggy lilo?”
A successful Kickstarter project, this specially designed hammock, the Hydro Hammock,  is designed to take 50 gallons of water, and 2 adults, with the water being heated with a separate portable heater (additional cost to the hammock).

The heating device can be charged via LPG, with electrical and solar heating options to follow.

bubble bath when camping

This luxury winter warming hammock will cost you though.   At time of writing, the hammock was $480 and the heater was $1950.      That’s an expensive bubble bath.

Most of us campers might choose to remain cold and smelly rather than part with that amount of money.

Want to know more?  Then head to HydroHammock.com

12.  Up The Face Zipper Coat

It’s cold outside, and every part of you is covered up except your face.   You can’t feel your cheeks anymore.  

If that sounds like a scenario you have experienced, or are afraid to experience when camping, then relax.      Your face hasn’t been forgotten with this puffy jacket for the outdoors lover. 

When it gets cold, just zip up your jacket, and keep zipping it up, right over your face.   The goggles will let you see what is going on (probably other campers laughing at you).

gear for winter camping

Available for brave fashion forward campers at Luisaviaroma

13.     The warmest sleeping bag in the world


Well, technically speaking, I don’t know if this the warmest sleeping bag in the world…but it is designed for –40 degrees Celsius, and I couldn’t find many others on the market that covered those extreme temps.

The Rab Expedition 1400 is for those of you who really really feel the cold, and planning on a trip to somewhere, like…Antarctica.     If that’s too warm for you, the Rab Expedition 1000 only keeps you warm at –30 degrees Celsius.

camping gear and gadgets winter camping

With a little bit of planning and maybe a purchase here and there (maybe not buying some of the above items  because they are just plain weird),  camping in winter can be just as enjoyable as warmer weather camping.      Different, but just as much fun.


And if none of the above works for you when camping in winter, then buy this sweater  from Thug Life so everyone knows how you feel.

gear for winter camping sweater

Note: we have no affiliation with any of the stores or products listed above.  Purely for your entertainment and information.