Outdoor Gift Guide: 15 not-so-dull camping gear gifts

15 not so dull camping gift ideas for anyone who loves the outdoors

To see what Christmas Gifts we recommend for 2019

With Christmas coming fast, it’s time to start thinking about gifts.      

I know Christmas isn't all about the presents, but this wouldn't be much of a camping gift guide without listing some camping gear.

Rather than just give you a whole lot of tents and sleeping bags as options (which could be a little on the boring side to read about), we have put together outdoor gifts that aren’t that commonplace.    

You won't need to go through all those catalogues that are filling your mailbox right now......because we have done it for you.

We have even suggested what sort of camper might appreciate it…but don’t let our suggestions put you off.

For the camper likely to get lost when outdoors


Gerber BEAR GRYLLS Survival Fire Starter & Whistle 

Bear Grylls survival fire starter and whistle

On a lanyard, a fire starter won’t ever be too far from you especially if you can’t find your matches or they get wet.     

It’s one invaluable item for any outdoors lover.       

And if you get lost, a whistle could help searchers locate you.         

Where to get?  Wild Earth
Price: AUD32
Availability:  Online

The Backpacking camper


Cirque Backpack Camp Kitchen and Windscreen

cirque backpack kitchen

For those of you who camp with all your belongings in a backpack this is a cool camping gadget.

You would know that sometimes your camp stove will benefit from a windscreen to make your stove run more efficiently.       

This gadget is not just a windscreen but holds a lot of small, key items you might use when dining outdoors.    It’s like a mini tent, with poles, and can be staked down – just like a tent.     Keep all your spices, utensils, stove cleaning supplies, all in one handy spot, whilst also acting as a windscreen.

Where to get?  Grub Hub USA
Price:  US$25
Availability:    Email them for information on shipping to Australia


Stylish yet functional sort of camper

Camping Carabiner

camping carabiner

We featured these on our blog during the year, and we believe them to be a stylish way to stop losing your keys around camp!

Made in titanium, you can even get one with a bottle opener (another crucial item around camp).

Where to get?  Bicosurf
Price: AUD45 upwards
Availability:  Online with free shipping

“I love to carry my BBQ everywhere” camper

Elevate Portable Grill

elevate grill

If you love having a gas BBQ when you go camping, then this Portable Grill claims to be the largest portable gas grill yet.    Weighing in at around 10kg, this looks like a large briefcase but opens to cook up your dinner. 

Where to get?     Elevate
Price:  US$250
Availability:  You need to know someone in the USA to obtain as not shipping to Australia at this time.

“Can’t go camping without my cat” camper

Cat Tent

camping with your cat 
Don’t forget your cat when you go camping.        Bring your feline along, with its own little tent.   How cute is this tent?  

Not sure about cat camping?   Then you can read up on our tips about taking your cat camping.

If it’s all too hard, then set up the tent at home.

Where to get?  Catcamp.co
Price: US$60
Availability:  Email them for information on shipping to Australia

“We need to save more space in the car”  camper


Thermarest Treo Compact light Camping Chair - Lime/Slate 

thermarest chair

Want a compact camping chair?  One that doesn’t take up a lot of room but will impress everyone with its style?       Designed for those of you under 113kg.

Where to get:  Wild Earth
Price $165-200
Availability:   Online

“Desperate to camp but can’t go” camper

Marshmallow Pencil & Eraser

pencil for camping

Who doesn’t love roasting a marshmallow on a stick over the campfire?    Now when at work or school, you can pretend that you are camping with this pencil and eraser.

Good stocking filler!

Where to get?  Cotswold Outdoors
Price: AUD20
Availability:  Online

“Wear your heart on your mug” camper

I Heart Camping

camping mug

The mug for anyone who loves camping.

Where to get?  Cotswold Outdoors
Price: AUD14
Availability:  Online

“Thinking ahead” camper



Slow cookers are so “in” these days.     So, don’t miss out on an innovation that doesn’t require electricity, can allow you to cook on the road (or when you are out anywhere) and get that delicious slow-cooked food without worrying about the house burning down.         It also keeps food cool!   So 2 options for the price of one.  What’s not to love?

PS.  Need to know more?    Read our Wonderbag review.

Where to get?  Billycan Store
Price:  From $85
Availability:  Online

“I can’t go without my phone” camper




If you can’t leave your smartphone or tablet at home, or just need power, then the company Biolite brings you the lighting and energy hub that fits in your hand!   

The Nanogrid package includes a power light, plus 2 lights on 20ft of connectivity that can be strung around your campsite.

Where to get?   Biolite
Price:  $148
Availability:  Online via Biolite

“Too cold to go camping” camper           



If you feel the cold in winter (like me) you might need the Hoodlum – keeping your head warm and dry, no matter what the weather is.     Hammock campers might like this too! 

Where to get?  Enlightened Equipment
Price: AUD75
Availability:  Online

The Pretend camper

Want a cup of tea around the campfire?    But you are stuck at home?    Then you need this to recreate that moment……

cuppa of tea when camping at home

Where to get?  Fancy
Price: USD55 plus shipping
Availability:  Online

"I need wine and I need it now"  camper


wine bladder

Taking a bottle of wine with you when camping can be a bit cumbersome/heavy.     Not anymore.   Just decant a bottle before you leave home.

Where to get?  Snowys
Price: AUD21.95
Availability:  Online/In store

"Not leaving home without an esky on my back"  camper

IceMule Cooler

ice mule

We recommend having drinks in 1 esky, and food in another.  But who has the room for that?     You do now.     With an esky that folds down when the drinks run out.   

Read the review too!

Where to get:   IceMule Coolers
Price:  From $100
Availability:  Online

We hope these ideas give you some help (or maybe lead to other ideas) on what to buy as a gift.   

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