6 Camping Stories You Should Have Read This Year

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'Tis the season to do Top 10 lists of everything, and we certainly didn't want to be left out.     But just to be different, we give you our Top 6 list of stories that got your attention in 2015.

You can discover (or if you are a regular reader, rediscover), 6 posts that stood out this year.  Let's hope they stood out for all the right reasons!

1.    How to choose a campsite

7 tips

We all have picked a dud campsite, and don't want to again if we can help it!     Tips for newbies plus the more experienced made this popular.    The tips for choosing a campsite could just make your camping trip a whole lot better

2.      Clean Up Your Campsite - 4 simple tips

tips to clean up a campsite

Dirty campsites are horrible to come across.     We wanted these tips shared far and wide to all campers.   And some of you did just that to help!   Cheers!   

3.    Wi-Fi and Camping.   Crucial or not? 

outdoors and technology

This story was created because a survey said Americans rated wi-fi more important than toilet paper.  But what did Australians think?    Did we think wi-fi was a deciding factor when choosing a campground?

4.     French Toast Camping Recipes 

recipes for camping french toast

Who can't resist easy recipes to make when camping (and also featuring chocolate)?      We showed 7 ways to eat French Toast that are not complicated.

5.     Camping Toilets - 31 ways to go when outdoors

31 camping toilets for outdoors

Going to the toilet outdoors is a big deal for many.   So there are so many ways to go, that don't involve digging a hole.  We showed you 31 options.

6.   Foil Pack Cooking - A Beginner Guide


how to cook in foil when camping

Everything you needed to know but were afraid to ask.   Or didn't even know you wanted to ask it.      We covered it.   Plus gave you recipes too!      Foil pack cooking when camping just got easier.

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