Beginner Camping: How not to look like a newbie camper

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Everyone seems to escape the city at Easter.     And I mean everyone.

The roads are choked with people heading for their idyllic 4-day escape - somewhere, anywhere - but home.

People who never camp at any other time of the year, go camping at Easter.

People who hate the outdoors and the thought of all that dirt, spiders, and no toilets, go camping at Easter.

Once tranquil camping spots are now busy with people wanting to get back to nature, catch their own fish and make campfires.

The great outdoors is embraced by the experienced and beginners alike.    

If you happen to be a beginner (or seasonal camper)  then you might need to brush up on some of your skills before you head out on this busy camping holiday.

But why practice?   

Being prepared for the outdoors will make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable if you know what you are doing (or, at least, look like you know what you are doing).

The biggest tip we can give you right now is....... 



Now that might sound bloomin' obvious thing to tell you, but we have seen plenty of people struggling with the basics of camping at the campsite, especially tents.

You don't want to be reading your gear instructions at the campsite.    

Who has time for that on holidays?    

Men don't even have time for that when they aren't on holidays.   This means you need to practice before you leave the house for the campsite.

But what to practice?

You do take a lot of gear when camping (including all the recreational activities, like bikes, boats, fishing gear etc).

It's amazing any of us even leave home considering how much "stuff" we take.

So we narrowed down 4 key items you need to know how to use properly before you load up the car.


Chances are if you are not a regular camper,  you are taking a tent, which are versatile and come in a huge range of sizes and prices.

But setting them up  isn't always so straightforward.    A bit of skill comes in handy especially when you are new to camping.

When dusting off the tent that hasn't had much use for a year, or if you have purchased a new tent, then look at:

  • First up, put the tent up to give yourself a rough idea of how long and complicated it actually is to erect
  • Know all the parts of the tent, and what they do/how they connect
  • How to put on the fly properly and attach so it's not flapping around
  • Guy ropes and pegs -  are there enough of them?  Do you have the right pegs for the right surface?
  • If attaching canopies/tarps to the tent, know how to set up and position for wind and rain.   
  • How long does it take to get the tent down and can you get it back in the bag it came in?

Have a practice camping session in your backyard.   It's a great way to fine tune your tent setting up.

The beauty of backyard camping is also if things go wrong, the weather changes, someone snores too much, you just grab your pillow and go inside.

Still feeling a bit unsure about it?   Then at the bottom of this story, we tell you where you can get some advice on tent set up thanks to Anaconda.

easy tip for campers


Once your tent is up and looking like it's sturdy and all parts are connected,  look at the bedding you have purchased/borrowed.

Do you know how that all works?

  • Some camp stretchers are like Meccano puzzles (avoid those but if you have no choice, practice set up and putting away).
  • Mattresses:   if you have to blow them up, check the pumps and how they work/powered.   Check for leaks whilst  you are practicing.
  • Sleeping bags - are they weather appropriate for where you are going?

Look at what you have in bedding and what you need to take.    It may not be the same thing.


beginner camping tips

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting.    The more the better.      Fumbling around the campsite with a crappy little torch that you use at home is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Do check that you know if it works sufficiently 
  • Does it need batteries/gas to illuminate properly and if solar based, is it powered up?

Arriving at a campsite late at Easter, you will be appreciative of having good lighting that is functional and ready to use straight away.

  • Don't think you have the right lighting?   Do something about it now before you leave home.

Cooking gear   

how not to look like a newbie camper

There is so much cooking gear out there, you might need to work out your meals in advance of Easter to help narrow down what gear you need to take with you.

Once you have a rough idea of the food you want to enjoy (and how it will need to be cooked), then you should make sure that your cooking source is up to the job.

  • If it's a camp stove - do you have the gas bottles to use with it, and do you know how to connect hoses etc and work the stove.
  • BBQs - same as a camp stove.

All easy stuff to try out in the backyard.    If you are planning on campfire cooking ... not so easy for backyard trials.

Still have questions or need help with your gear? 

beginner camping advice and tips

Right now, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the stuff you may not know how to operate properly, don't freak out.

There is a lot of help out there for newbies.

Apart from reading our website, there are workshops being held all around Australia by Anaconda to help everyone enjoy the outdoors.

And some of the things we suggest you practice in your backyard, are going to be covered in these workshops.

You just need to check out your local Anaconda store, see what workshop is going to help you the most and turn up on the day.      Easy.      They are running the Great Outdoors Month right up to Easter, so you can get advice and inspiration about your camping gear.

If you can get the basics of your camping set up all under control, well, the hard part of camping is complete!

Now it's just a matter of sitting back around the campfire, admiring your camp, whilst you throw a line in the water to catch your dinner!

Don't know how to fish?    There's an Anaconda workshop for that too!