7 Camping Gear Items You Didn't Even Know You Wanted (but do now)

Do you think you own enough camping gear?

Does your car overflow with gear every camping trip?

Ours does.

Even when we think we will travel lighter on a trip, by the time the car is loaded up, there isn't a lot of left-over space.      I suppose I like to be prepared for all sort of things when camping with our kids, so yes, it's safe to say, I am an "over-packer".

Now, we probably have all the gear we need for family camping, built up over the years.   Not sure we need much more,  but that doesn't stop me looking at new gadgets and gear - even if I know I can't fit them in the car.   Because there is always something new on the market that looks great!

No harm in admiring innovation is there?

But because I can't fit them in, maybe you have some room for the following gadgets and gear?

Here are 7 pieces of camping gadget and gear you didn't even know you wanted (but just might!!)

Roccbox - A Portable Oven


What I love about this piece of camping gear is the fact I could have a wood-fired pizza anywhere!      I can get a pizza cooked in 90 seconds.     How good is that?    My mouth salivates at the thought of a wood-fired pizza.  They are my weakness.


This oven is gas or wood fuelled, and with a 15 minute warm-up time, your breads, pizzas and roasts are not too far away from being cooked!  A temperature of 930°F  (500°C) is required in order to achieve the optimum pizza cooking environment but you can alter the temperature to suit the food.

Made from stainless steel, silicone and with an internal stone floor, it's built for the outdoors life.

If you are not keen on taking it camping (and at 20kg, it's not classified as lightweight) then pretty confident, it could be great for your backyard camping adventures.

I could have wood-fired pizza every night.   Now, that is functional camping gear!!!

Availability:   Online - Ships to Australia
Price:  From $500
More information:     Roccbox

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Nozipp Sleeping Bag


Do you ever get your sleeping bag zip snagged?    Especially when in a hurry?

My sleeping bag cost a packet, but the zip still snags every time unless I hold the bag opening a certain way.

This is very appealing to anyone who does go a little crazy with their sleeping bag.   It's the Nozipp sleeping bag which uses magnets instead of a zip.

no zipp

The inventors of the Nozipp state

 "design uses high strength, precisely aligned magnets to replace cumbersome zippers".

Magnets are strong enough to stay shut when sleeping but easy enough to open in a hurry.    No brute force required getting out of your bag.

And the different placement of magnets means, you can change the style of the bag - go from a mummy bag to a roomy bag.

Your days of zip snagging might just be over.

no zipp

Availability:   Online - coming soon (not available as yet)
Price:  From $400
More information:    Nozipp

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Bundle Beds

bundle beds

You are a camper who loves their sheets and doona and not so keen on sleeping bags.      But taking all your bedding from home fills up the car too much.   So what can you do?

You can buy a Bundle Bed.

bundle beds

It's the all-in-one option.

You get a self-inflating mat (a decent size one)  jersey linen, doona and pillow all in one rolled up a bundle.  Simply unroll and there is your bed.   It's like your adult bed, but in a bundle.      Ready to go.

The inventors have thought of everything.  Like, buttons to hold key items in place so they don't go slipping off you in the middle of the night and the ability to wash the bedding easily.

After your camping trip is over, or at the end of a sleepover at friends, then roll it all backup.     Simple.

bundle beds

Availability:   Online - Coming soon.   Check the website for dates.
Price:  From STG200
More information:    BundleBeds

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EvenFlip - the Hot Dog Stick




Roasting marshmallows just got fancier.   Or hot dog lovers who roast their wieners over the fire, and find that it is not an even cook, now can with a flick of their wrist get an evenly cooked  hot dog.

It's a skewer for the laziest campers amongst us. 

We don't even put our marshmallows on a skewer - a clean tree branch works for me!

I don't think I can adequately explain, so I will this video do it for me....

Availability:   Still a Kickstarter project, so don't hand over money yet
Price:  From USD20
More information:    EvenFlip

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Crazy X - The X-shaped Tent

crazy tent

Imagine there are 4 of you who want to be sociable even at bedtime.    So you all hop into your own pod but in the centre of the tent, where all 4 pods meet, there is a communal space to chat, play cards, but not sit up or stand.

This is all one structure, which apparently opens up from a central cord, like an umbrella.    You can see the concept in the below image.

Designed for the sociable campers who like to have your own pod but not be alone.   It looks like a tent that would be good for indoor sleepovers for 10 year olds.

crazy tent

The  pattern on the tent material is, well, ghastly.

If unicorns vomited, it would look like this......

crazy tent weight

Availability:   Not sure as the entire site is in Japanese
Price:    JPY18000
More information:  Doppelganger

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ManCan - The portable Keg


For those who love a  beer at the end of a hike or hard day camping, then the ManCan is for you.
Now not being a beer drinker, I will let the publicity blurb give you the finer details:

The ManCan is a personal keg system that keeps your favorite beer fresh, carbonated, and delicious — the way it should be. Available in indestructible, 128oz (one-gallon or 3.7L) or 64oz (half-gallon or 1.89L) stainless steel. Two tap systems with the Perfect Pour Regulator can top these bad boys for the ultimate experience.

Now the flaw I see in this product is that it wouldn't be cold after a hike.  I think you need an esky for that (one large enough to store your ManCan).


You really  would have to love your beer to have your own portable keg.  Wouldn't a bottle in your cooler be easier?   Who knows? I have no idea about beer.


Availability:   Currently not shipping to Australia, so you need to use something like Shopmate to work around these restrictions.
Price:    Starting from USD195 upwards
More informationManCan

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 Lamzac Hangout


This might be better for summer camping so you can plan ahead to get this inflatable lounger.

It's designed for ease of use and packs up into a compact bag when not in use, (which means you might just be able to fit it into your very full car)

For setup, it simply requires unpacking and filling up with air in a few seconds by waving it around.

Now you have to watch the video to see how simple it is.    No pumps required.

Once filled with air, simply roll the top of the Lamzac Hangout and clip it shut, effectively turning it into a comfy lounger that you can sit on and lie down on.   It has a crease in the middle to stop you rolling off it (because that is not a good look).

This looks so comfortable, I think lazing around the campsite just got even more appealing!


Availability:  Currently not shipping to Australia, so you need to use something like Shopmate to work around these restrictions.
Price:   From USD91
More information:  Fatboy USA

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