Sleep Naked Everywhere with this Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleep Naked Everywhere with the Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Do you feel the cold when camping?

If you do, you are not alone.

A successful Kickstarter campaign is underway, which produces a sleeping bag liner that allows you sleep naked.  Everywhere.

That's if you want to.

Sleeping naked is not a mandatory requirement to use this liner.....

Sleeping naked is possible when camping with the electric heated sleeping bag liner

Created by the company, Ravean,  a company that also ran a very successful campaign with a heated down jacket, they have decided "why stop at a heated jacket?"

This sleeping bag liner comes in 2 designs - the traditional liner for a mummy bag and a wearable long jacket.        Now, we have seen before a wearable sleeping bag which keeps you warm,  the Selk Bag but this product by Ravean is more about being a liner within a traditional sleeping bag.

Feeling a bit confused?

Then see the image below to see what the wearable sleeping bag liner does (or can do):

Sleep Naked Everywhere with the Electric Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Both come with heating elements in key areas such as your core and feet, and you adjust with a touch of a button on the item itself.     The heating comes from a removable battery pack.



See it in action

The video below describes it and shows this concept in greater detail.


Who will it suit?

I think it's aimed at the car campers, the more casual camper who may not want to go out camping in winter as they don't have all the right gear.

Cold sleepers (like myself) who do take a long time to warm up, no matter whether camping or not, might find either of the two items (liner and wearable liner) another option to try to help with the warming-up process.

Who won't need it?

The camper who has all the gear already - you probably have invested in quality sleeping bags (maybe down-filled), and already have standard liners and thermal sleeping gear.      Anyone watching weight limits, would probably not want any more grams in their pack either.

Anyone who camps in very cold climates could possibly be wary of relying on a form of  warmth that needs a battery.

How to get?

Currently a Kickstarter campaign but fully funded.   Expected shipping in October 2016.

RRP when it launches $249

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All images taken from the Kickstarter website.