WIN!!! A mozzie-free picnic pack!

Summer camping with mosquitoes - win from Hovex

We were on a camping trip, enjoying the serenity of our summer getaway until the mosquitos arrived in force.    There was no respite from them.  They were everywhere - on us, our food, our gear - everywhere, day and night.  It was so bad, we had to retire early to our tent, spraying the tent copiously with flyspray to try to avoid being eaten alive.

Mosquitos are the downside to summer nights.     If at home, on a picnic or like we were, camping, they are incredibly annoying.

Our friends at Hovex feel the same.    They want to make outdoors more appealing and want you outdoors, enjoying our amazing country.        Hovex has created a new, and world first,
vapour active technology to provide invisible and odourless protection against flies and mosquitos for up to six hours.

Yes, flies too!!!

Did I mention how much I hate flies as well?      Mealtimes, where you spend more time brushing flies off your food than you do eating isn't fun.  

The Hovex Vaporgard Outdoor Fly & Mosquito Shield is a simple, no mess solution for entertaining outdoors will leave your guests scratching their heads (and not because they’ve been bitten by mosquitoes!) wondering how you managed to keep the insects at bay.

This highly effective product forms a ‘no fly zone’. Simply spray the surface around the outdoor area you want to protect to create a vertical barrier around your outdoor activities.   What that means for you, is up to 6 hours protection, and you can leave the citronella candles at home.

So do you want your next picnic, camping trip or backyard BBQ to be mozzie and fly free?  

If you do, and want to be one of the first to enjoy this technology,  thanks to Hovex, we have 5 picnic packs to share with you.

Hovex Prize Pack

The Prize

Each pack has  Hovex Vaporgard that you can enjoy on the picnic blanket, whilst you and the family play cards or Go Fish set (all included, total value $60 per pack).

  • Need more information about this all-Australian brand, Hovex?  Then read more here
  • Can't wait to get this Fly & Mosquito Shield?  Head to Bunnings to pick up your own can there.


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