The Camping Fathers Day Gift Guide

Need suggestions for Fathers Day gifts?

We rounded up a few ideas (including some of the best-rated items in a few categories) to help give you some inspiration when buying for the man in your life.    

Even if you don't have a person you want to buy for, then treat yourself! You don't need to wait for a special occasion either.......Any time of the year works well.

Want to see other gift ideas?  

Wear your love of the outdoors

17 camping gift ideas

A t-shirt that your guy can put on every camping trip if he wants. Celebrate the love of the outdoors in style.    Choose your design,  colour, and size from a large range on offer.

Purchase via Zazzle.

For the Laze Around Camp Sort of Man

17 camping gift ideas - LED hammock from ENO

17 camping gift ideas -  the LED hammock ENO

A hammock that has LED lights in it, with bright, dim and strobe functions.    This hammock is the ideal way to chill out, day or night.

Purchase via ENO Australia

The Classic Gift - Socks and Jocks

17 camping gift ideas - socks

Sock liners, that keep the foot dry and prevents blisters.  Wear under thicker socks.    Don't wear with thongs, because it's not a good look.

17 camping gift ideas -  merino jocks

Icebreaker Anatomica Briefs - merino blend.    This means with merino, you have natural odour resistance and they can be worn for days.  Perfect for the man who doesn't like changing his undies too often.

For the "I Need Caffeine now"  Dad 

17 camping gift ideas - the coffee maker

The Aeropress remains one of the best ways to get a coffee when outdoors.    There are a lot of average coffee makers out there.  This isn't one of them.

Read our review here and see what we thought.  It's one of our fave products.

Purchase information via

For the Love of Knots Dad - an App

17 camping gift ideas - a knot app

Love knots but can't remember how to do them?  Or you want to look like you know what you are doing finally?   There's an app to make you look like a genius.

Available for Android and IOS from $5

New Down sleeping bag anyone?

17 camping gift ideas - down sleeping bag

If you are wanting a lightweight and warm sleeping bag, plus a winner of Gear of the Year, then the Klymit KSB20 Down Sleeping bag could be a great gift.

No warm beer sort of guy

17 camping gift ideas

If you want your beer cold (because who likes warm beer?) then a Beer Blanket could do the trick.
Think of it as a little cosy blanket for your beer can, but keeping it cool as opposed to warm.

Purchase information via Rumpl

You Light Up My Life Sort of Dad

17 camping gift ideas - goal zero Lighthouse

This lantern got a lot of attention this year.  The Goal Zero Lighthouse might not be cheap, but it charges your devices, lights up camp, and looks very cute.

Outside Online voted it as one of the best lanterns of 2017.

Or a headlamp, because if you don't have one when camping, then you are missing out on one of the handiest gadgets you can have.

How to choose a headlamp guide is here.

And this one below, the Black Diamond Storm has been voted one of the 10 best headlamps of 2017.  Just sayin'.

17 camping gift ideas - headlamp by Black Diamond

Get all Charged Up

17 camping gift ideas - charger

Don't lose touch with the man in your life.  No excuses that the phone ran out of battery.

Try the Goal Zero Flip 30 Phone and Tablet Charger

Warm Hands, Warm Heart

17 camping gift ideas - Hot Rox

If you feel the cold (and there's plenty of cool weather still ahead), get this handwarmer which charges via USB.   Never have cold hands again, with up to 6 hours heat.

Masterchef Male 

17 camping gift ideas - camp stove by Coleman

Looking for a new camp stove?  Then the Coleman HyperFlame FyreCadet Stove was voted one of the best new camp stoves of 2017 for the car campers amongst us.

And it looks good too.

Cuddles and More Sort of Guy

17 camping gift ideas - Klymit

If you are tired of pushing 2 sleeping pads together, get one big one!    Yes.  It's a double sleeping mat, which means no more rolling off the mat and plenty of room for two.      Bonus Feature: You can keep each other warm as well.

This item was also voted a one of the best car camping purchases for 2017.

Hey Big Spender......

17 camping gift ideas - Big Agnes Flying Diamond

This Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 person tent with all the features you would expect from Big Agnes products.   Outdoor Gear Lab rated this in its top 3 tents for car campers.    

See the full list of what it has to offer here and relevant purchase information.

The Tool Man

17 camping gift ideas - Leatherman Charge

If you want 20 tools in one, and are prepared to pay for the best multi tool of them all, then the Leatherman Charge TTI is going to be a gift that will last forever.     With a 25 year guarantee, you won't need another tool.   Voted best multi tool of 2017.

Purchase Information via Leatherman Australia

Rest Your Weary Head

17 camping gift ideas - Thermarest pillows

If you take a big pillow with you when you go camping, then forget it.  Use this instead.  The Thermarest Compressible Compact Pillow.   I am a bit biased on this pillow.  I have one, and it's a must for car camping adventures.    Smaller but very comfortable.   They look lumpy and sometimes a bit unattractive, but you sure do rest well.

We stand by the old saying " Buy good gear, only cry once".     

Hopefully, that's given you a few ideas on what you could pick up for that man in your life.    If you miss out for Fathers Day, then remember, Christmas is not that far away!