Write your own campsite review

Write up an amazing review of a campsite here in Australia.

If you have been to a campsite (or campground) here in Australia and want to share your opinion (good and bad) with readers of Australia, then we are accepting reviews by others.  

Before you start typing madly, we need to put it out there, that we are a little particular about campsite reviews because the whole point of our website, is to provide people with key information before they go.     It's the information we wanted when we were new, yet couldn't find online.     So we want that tradition to continue, but need your help.

So what do you need to know?

Full details are at this page  - you will need to read up to see if you are up to the challenge.

Key points are

- Detail, detail, detail.   Information that a new camper to that location would find useful
- Photos.  Everyone likes a visual idea of what they can expect
- This is different to a guest post, so different rules apply.

Remember, please read up on the campsite review information at this link before you send us anything.

Any further questions, email us.