Christmas Gifts for those who love Camping! Last minute gift ideas

Camping Gift Ideas - Perfect for last minute gifts

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With Christmas just around the corner, some of you might be wondering what to get someone who loves the outdoors? 

Time is precious, and online shopping is definitely the way to go and beat the queues, the car parking dramas and all those people.

And quite a few of these, we think can do double-duty:    home and away.

Solar Powered Candle Lantern

We love the Luci lantern, and we have reviewed it here.     But this is the Luci Candle Lantern, for that softer (and yes, romantic) glow. 

Why we like it?     Solar-powered, safer than a candle, and perfect for home use.    FYI - we are still recommending this every year.

Gifts for Christmas campers

Stocking Stuffer

Looking for something small and useful to go in a stocking?  Then the Light My Fire Firesteel is incredibly handy.      This is for any camper, whether you be a lightweight hiking sort of camper or full luxuries-a-must camper.    Don't rely on matches, when this works.   And you look quite rugged as well.

Why we like it?    It's practical, small and reliable - and under $20

Gifts for Christmas campers

Light My Fire Grandpa's Fire Fork

Cook sausages and marshmallows and more when you attach your Light My Fire Grandpa's Fork to any stick.   And voila!   Cooking over a campfire just got a little less tricky.

You can read about what foods you can cook over a campfire using a stick to give you some inspiration.

Why we like it?     Because sometimes food does fall off the stick because the end of the stick just wasn't designed to hold a sausage!

Gifts for Christmas campers

GSI Commuter Coffee Java Press

For the coffee lover in your life.    You don't need to be camping to have a desire for caffeine, and this gives you the French Press taste, without the plunger mess. 

Why we like it?    Caffeine hit, anytime, anywhere.  Not just camping.   Under $50.

Gifts for Christmas campers

Klymit Inertia O Zone

If you have someone needing ultralight gear and want them to sleep well on their treks, this bizarre-looking sleeping mat with a built-in pillow could be the gift that you get a lot of thanks for.
Put inside or outside of your sleeping bag.

Why we like it?     Because it's so cool looking, and a built-in pillow means one less thing we have to remember.
Gifts for Christmas campers

Collapsible Gear

For the space-saving campers, get ready to collapse lots of items.    See a huge range of collapsible camping gear in this story (there's a lot here you may want to squish down)

Why we like these items?    Space is always an issue for us.   Anything that saves us a bit of room is always appreciated and needed.

The water bottle - Hydrapak 750ml Stash Bottle

Gifts for Christmas campers

The kettle - Sea to Summit X-Kettle

Gifts for Christmas campers

The complete cooking set - Sea to Summit X-Set 31

Gifts for Christmas campers

The mug - Sea to Summit X Mug

Gifts for Christmas campers

Thermarest Mattress

Sleep under the stars, but comfortably on a Thermarest mattress.  Really, any from this brand is going to be good. They don't seem to make bad ones.  This is one we own, and its a good one.  Yes - it's a bit ticket Christmas present for the hiker in the family.

Why we like it:     It's the best.  Pricey but good.

Hammock Bliss

Around a campsite or at home, hammock life is a good life.  This was one of our first ever hammocks.   It's a relaxing hammock as opposed to one that you would sleep in overnight in my opinion.

Why we like it?    Relaxing with a drink in a hammock - anywhere - is a great way to spend a summers day.  Folds up small, and under $50.

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