Fathers Day Camping Gifts - A Winning List

gift ideas for dad 2020

Here are suggestions for Fathers Day Gifts for the outdoors if you are stuck for ideas in 2020.  

Even if you can't actually get away to camp, then you can use all of these in your backyard (and for some, indoors as well). 

For everyone's safety - mask up 

Camping without beer is just sitting in the woods.

Light It Up Dad (for men who need to see the light)

fathers day camping gifts guide headlamp

No surprise here, as a good headlamp is a must when outdoors, and this is an affordable reliable option that we own.   Yes, you can get cheaper headlamps, but look at battery life and beam options. Black Diamond headlamps are our headlamp of choice.  I would add a headlamp to a 'must-have' item in your camping/hiking gear. 

See the full range here from Amazon - most will have FREE shipping too.

More information:    How to choose a headlamp - information to make the right choice

Recharge Dads  (for men who can't go anywhere without a gadget)

We love anything that keeps us charged up when outdoors.  We have tried a variety of chargers, and we do tend to come back to the range by Goal Zero. 

You can see the Goal Zero Sherpa below.  With built-in cables, this is one of the more affordable options for charging in the range.  We like the Solar Panels by Goal Zero that charge our devices - which do come in a range of price options.  The one we have is the Goal Zero Nomad.  

See all sorts of chargers from Goal Zero here.....no matter what you need charging there will be an option for you (and at good and fair prices too).  You just need to work out what you want in a charger, time you want to do recharge and of course, the price you want to pay for this ability to recharge.

Fussy Dads  (who really won't like anything unless they choose it themselves)

camping father days gifts

Not many options in this category as every item was a gift card. You can't go wrong with a gift card.  It's emailed to you, so it is also the perfect last-minute gift!  Tentworld (who is an affiliate of ours) offers online-only gift cards so getting to a shop is no drama.

Coffee Dads  (who will be grumpy if not dosed up with caffeine)

If the man in your life needs caffeine when outdoors, we have got you covered.  This is our latest fave coffee machine - The Wacaco Nanopresso Portable.    You can get full details and pricing and availability here.  We are using this on some of our hikes at the moment. You do need to boil up some water to add to the gadget, but you get a great crema on your coffee. 

Allows you to have an espresso coffee via a pump-action and also has the option to take pods if you wish (separate purchase required) 

See the video below to get a better idea  (and if you have a problem viewing it, the link is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY5Pt957RhE)

Stylish Dads (or men who need someone to dress them more fashionably)

Everyone has a different idea of the style and what looks good, but people do notice when you are wearing The North Face clothing and apart from that, they are functional,  last ages and fit well.  Our North Face puffy down jackets are a staple in our wardrobes for camping and everywhere else in cool weather!

You can see the full range of their men's clothing here.   See if you can find something that a man would love to own.  Why do we love North Face gear? Because it lasts and looks good. 

Extreme Dads (who want to fix and make stuff)

fathers day camping gifts guide leatherman

The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool - there really is a Leatherman tool for everyone and its hard to limit to one sort of tool as what is the best for Fathers Day.  Just know that you need one item from this brand!

You can see the full range of tools here, and really, everyone who camps needs one of these in their camping bag.  

They stand by their products too, with a lifetime warranty.  

4WD Dads (or men who like sitting around in the shade)

fathers day camping gifts guide darche eclipse awning

With summer a few months away, shade wherever and whenever you need it is a must.  Attached to your car, you won't be worrying about finding a good tree to sit under.  You will all benefit from this, just not dad, so think of it as a present to yourself too!

See pricing and availability here - free delivery too.

Cooking Dads (or dads who like to play with fire)

This is not something you would take camping, but more for your outdoor experience at home. The Ozpig Big Pig Portable Stove.  It's more of a gift for everyone in the family but you can pretend it is for the man in the family this Fathers Day.

See pricing and availability here (free delivery too)

big pig stove

What else does it do?   

Here is an excerpt from Tentworld (our affiliate)

The Big Pig is a great heater, with the door open the heat from the fire within radiates directionally, so you can stay outside in comfort for longer. 

Being a wood-fired stove, the Big Pig brings true versatility to your outdoor cooking setup. Used as a stove, you can cook any dish the same way you would on an indoor stove! The Big Pig really comes into its own with an open-top design, letting you remove the stovetop and cook directly over the wood fire, giving you the amazing flavour that only a wood fire can. 

The Big Pig isn’t like other BBQs, once you’re finished cooking the is still centre of attention while you sit back and relax with family and friends by the fire. 

Features like dual-zone cooking give you the ability to cook a whole meal on top of the stove, with extra heat for boiling pasta on one side while low heat simmers your sauce on the other. Much like the original Ozpig, you can also slow cook dishes on the side plates, taking advantage of radiant heat. This means you can have 4 things on the heat at once, with three times the heat volume and a much larger fire door, making the perfect home unit. 

Swag Option Man

If the man wants to sleep alone and not deal with family climbing all over him in the tent, then the swag is a good option.  Currently, our affiliate is offering a swag reduced from $400 to $200 (free delivery) which means if a swag has been on the list, but too expensive, now is the time to buy.

Features include

  • Tough 230gsm SatProofTM 600+ Ripstop Canvas with PVC vinyl shield floor
  • 3-pole dome style construction with generous height
  • High-tensile Durallium™ 7001 alloy poles
  • 5cm high-density open-cell foam mattress with removable/washable sleeping surface
  • Protective head and foot awnings for all-weather ventilation
  • Eyelet ready for optional Pole Plus centre ridge bar to allow for pitching without guy ropes
  • Excellent ventilation with top entry, head window and foot vent
  • No-See-Um mesh for total insect control


Information on our affiliates and disclosure can be found here.