10 Camping (and Hiking) Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020


Each year we put together some gift ideas for those who love the outdoors.  This is our list for 2020

Our goal this year is to highlight items that we think are actually worthwhile purchases for anyone who loves being outdoors.   

Nothing gimmicky or useless.  

Just gear that won't be forgotten in a cupboard.

This list contains some of our most recommended (and loved) camping/hiking gear for the year.

Biolite BaseLantern XL

Why we like it -   Hang it from a tree, use its leg, and get 500 Lumens at your campsite. The technical blurb says - 

The BaseLantern provides the world’s first flat-packed lantern that creates your own personal smart grid, maximizes brightness and minimizes space, and can extend even more light for large spaces.

Smart technology also includes proximity activation, fun RGB colour features & smart alarm/shut off settings with the Bluetooth app.

What is not to love?  

Read more and buy it here

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine


Why we like it - anything that does not make you drink instant coffee is a winner.  This gives you espresso - all you need is ground coffee and hot water. A pump per second will give you one shot (around 50ml) of espresso.  For the lover of coffee, this is small enough to take to the office, or in your bag, or outdoor adventures. If you love that shot of caffeine, you will love this.   For under $65 its a unique gift.

Read more and buy it here

Luci Inflatable Lantern


Why we like it - it's small, practical and has no batteries. What's not to like?  The review can be found here if you want to know more.   Coming in under $20, it's a little light we love.   It makes our list every year too.

Read more and buy it here

Thermarest Pillow (compressible)


Why we like it -  if you think about taking your everyday pillow on a camp or hike is a bit much, then this pillow is for you. It compresses down making it more practical and you will sleep a lot better with this (as opposed to a folded up piece of clothing).  It's a must for all campers who love comfort.  May not be the most glamorous Christmas gift, but could be the most appreciated on the next trip.

Read more and buy it here

Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp


Why we like it -  this is a great all-rounder headlamp, and we have always found this brand to be reliable and great for every sort of outdoors person.  We have a story on how to choose a headlamp and the Spot 325 meets a lot of our needs.  If you are looking at headlamps as a gift, and not sure, this is a great choice at 325 lumens and a long burn time.

We love the battery meter so you know exactly how long you have left.

Honourable mention as a backup choice to this one is the Black Diamond Storm 375.

Read more and buy it here

Otter Box Esky


Why we like it - this is our favourite esky.  Nothing has come close to it.  Nothing.  It's also a very expensive esky and if you have a fridge, you are unlikely to need this.  But if you don't have the option to power, this is the only esky that keeps ice frozen for a long time.  You can read our review of this esky.  It's a big-ticket item  Christmas gift.

Read more and buy it here

Oztrail Anywhere Hammock


Why we like it - technically, not something I would take camping, but great for your backyard.  We have had ours for years, and when the hammock itself wears through use and exposure, you can buy a replacement. The frame just keeps on going and going.  You may not think you will use it that much, but on warm days (in the shade) this is a highly sought after place to lounge.   

If you can't find that one, there are plenty of similar ones.  This is one via Amazon

Osprey Levity 45L Lightweight Backpack


Why we like it -  Osprey has some of the best backpacks you will find.  We are just highlighting this one because it's so light 840 grams and perfect if you are worried about weight, but realistically any of Osprey backpacks are great.

This Levity 45L will suit the experienced hiker and the new to hiking.  I have one, and I wouldn't use any other brand for a backpack these days.  Yes, it's going to cost a bit, but this is an investment which will last the recipient of this gift for ages!

Helinox Chair One


Why we like it -  This was our first ever lightweight chair and there are now plenty of them on the market, but this one still stands out as a great chair to take if you want to save weight and room.  Not for the ultralight hikers, but this chair is comfortable and if saving space is an issue, this is a great gift.

Everyone loves this chair once you try it.  It made our top camping chair list as well.

Read more and buy it here

We hope that you like some of our favourites for the year and maybe one of the above items will become your favourite sometime soon.

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